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Camera cages don't have to make sense #shorts


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You NEED a CAMERA CAGE | SmallRig Setup & Review (Sony a7III/a7R III)


In this video I share why I think a camera cage is one of the best accessories for filmmakers, YouTubers, and other creators. I also quickly review the Sony a7R III camera cage from SmallRig that I personally use. Camera cages provide more stable footage, nearly endless mounting points for monitors, microphones, lights, and other accessories, plus the ability to capture a wider array of shots. I much prefer a camera cage to a gimbal or motorized slider, because the setup time is next to nothing, and I don't really need to make any adjustments to my regular workflow. I use the Sony a7R III camera cage from SmallRig, and really love the build quality and design decisions they made (with the exception of one thing I mention halfway through this video), but there are other options out there. Big thanks to Mac Olink for the footage of his dope setup. I definitely have some catching up to do... Check out his channel here: 🤍 LINKS Please consider using these affiliate links if you purchase any items. It won't cost you anything extra, but it will help me create more content like this. SmallRig Cages and Accessories (All Cameras) - 🤍 SmallRig Camera Cage Kit (Sony a7III/a7R III) - 🤍 SmallRig Universal Handle - 🤍 Like the music in my videos? Get a 30-day free trial to Epidemic Sound: 🤍 CONNECT Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Camera Cages Pros & Cons (Should You Get One?)


Considering a cage rig setup for your beloved camera? There are multiple reasons you should get one. But it comes at a cost. Welcome to my channel! There are also some drawbacks to having a Camera Cage. In this video you will see a small rig camera cage on my A6500 and a UURig on my A7III and what I love about them (and what I dont love). Whether you have a sony a6500, panasonic g85, or any other camera this video will help you in your decision of grabbing a smallrig camera cage rig setup for you. Thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed my first video. Subscribe for weekly videos that are focused on making your content better! Gear tips, Lighting, Filmmaking, and some adventures along the way! Welcome to the journey!

Introducing the NEEWER Aluminum Alloy Camera Cage


Introducing the NEEWER Aluminum Alloy Camera Cage The Neewer aluminium universal camera cage is one of the best, most affordable accessories for filmmakers, YouTubers and other content creators. Take smooth shots and achieve increased handheld control of your camera. Very versatile, with the option of adding other accessories such as lighting and mics, the cage will fit most cameras from mirrorless to DSLRs. NEEWER Aluminum Alloy Camera Cage (SKU: 10083152): 🤍 🤍 Connect with us: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Tiktok: 🤍neeweruk Shot by: Jake

How to build a Camera Cage Rig under 100$


» This cheap Andoer camera cage fits ANY camera model. And with the whole cinema rig with follow focus and matte box for just 80$, it makes it the best value you can get. And you don't have to buy a new cage every time you get a new camera. Cool right? 🎁Get the cinema rig setup here, worldwide free shipping: Andoer C500 Camera Camcorder Video Cage Rig Kit 🤍 🤍 FEICHAO Universal Camera Cage kit 🤍 I am not sure which link, get the one better for you ✨ 🦄 🦄 Like it? - Share it! - Subscribe it… 🦄 Donate BTC - 19uHM3bTnzd5rrKVjCEVwhkpWFAo7LRyQo 🦄 Join our work in progress Discord Server for Filmmakers, Photographers and Creatives: 🤍 » Video Chapters: How to build a Camera cinema rig under 100$? 00:00​ - 75$ Cinema rig that fits ANY camera - 00:11 - How to assemble Andoer camera cage kit rig and handle grip The rig arrives in 3 smaller boxes. First containing the cage and base. It has steel rods. Camera cage is metal and has an extra shoe mount and cable holders. Handle is metal and solid, screws it into the second hole from the right. Thats the base of this camera cage kit - 01:33 - How to install Andoer follow focus Heres the follow focus. It is half plastic, but seems sturdy enough. It doesnt feel cheap and is kinda smooth, like a fluid head on tripods. You can also attach it to the zoom. I will show you how to attach it on a Canon lens. You can also mark your focus points on this white circle with any sharpie and it comes right off. - 02:38 - How to build Andoer camera rig matte box Last piece is the plastic matte box. Big enough for any lens size, but for my Lumix G80 it cannot go low enough, because of how low the panasonic cameras are. Canon dslrs or Sony A7 should work fine with any lens tho. - Andoer C500 Camera Camcorder Video Cage Rig Kit. Matte Box + Follow Focus + Handle Grip for Sony A7IV/A7S/A7/A7R. Dslr ILDC Camera. Canon m50 100D 200D Film Making System with 15mm Rod Canon250D 1200D 2000D Panasonic lumix gh5 gh6 cage for G80 camera model DSLR cage. Camera rig / cinema rig / matte box / base plate / quick release all under 80$ 100€. Cage for Canon/Sony/Nikon/Panasonic DSLR Support Mount Rig Rail Rod Follow Focus System Photography. Made with the 🤍FXhome HitFilm Pro! Check them out for an easy video editing software. » Shot in Bratislava, Slovakia 2022 Rights reserved to Patrik Hrabovec - #filmmaking #photography #videocreator #andoer #budget #canon #sony #sonyalpha #lumix #lumixgh6

The Cage for Every Camera - CAMVATE Universal Adjustable Camera Cage


I don't know about you but I am tired of buying cages, if only there was one cage that fits every camera... apparently there is! Well every DSLR/Mirrorless style camera that is. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED VIDEO, I've personally been looking for a good universal cage for a while and now that I've found one, I thought I'd share it. Parts Used in this Build: Camvate Universal Cage: 🤍 Manfrotto Quick Release Baseplate: Apparently the SmallRig one I have no longer exists, so here's an alternative from Camvate 🤍 SmallRig Cheese Plate: 🤍 Toolless Knurled Thumb Screw: The size you need is an "M4x16" 🤍 - NOTE: This cage mounts via the hot shoe on the top of the camera as well as the base plate, if your camera does not have a hot shoe, then you will need to adapt a cold shoe in order for it to work.

5 Camera Cages Under $100


Looking for a solid universal cage for your camera? I purchased these 5 cages for under $100 each. Here is how they stack up! Watch other video gear videos here: 🤍 THE CAGES Camvate Video Cage Cage Only ► 🤍 Cage and Side Handle on Amazon ► 🤍 Cage, Side and Top Handle on Amazon ► 🤍 VILTROX VX-11 on Amazon ► 🤍 DSLR Camera Cage on Amazon ► 🤍 SmallRig Small Cage on Amazon ► 🤍 Sonovel Video Cage Kit on Amazon ► 🤍 DISCLAIMERS: Some of these links have an affiliate code, if you purchase gear with these links I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you! This video was not paid for by outside persons or manufacturers. No gear was supplied to me for this video. All items seen were purchased for this video.

Why You Need A SmallRig Camera Cage


I this video I will go over the incredible SmallRig Cage I just got for my Sony A6400 and I will explain why you might need one for yourself. GOING SHOPPING? - (Affiliate Links) -Shopping 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 -Shopping 🤍 BHPhoto? 🤍 -Shopping 🤍 Ebay? 🤍 GEAR SPECIFIC TO THIS VIDEO: -Sony A6400: 🤍 -A6400 Smallrig Cage: 🤍 MY GO TO CAMERA GEAR: -Sony A7C: 🤍 -A7C Smallrig Cage: 🤍 -Sony A6400: 🤍 -A6400 Smallrig Cage: 🤍 -GoPro Hero 9: 🤍 MY GO TO LENSES: -Sony FE 20mm f/1.8 G Lens: 🤍 -Sony FE 35mm f/1.8 Lens: 🤍 -Sony FE 85mm f/1.8 Lens: 🤍 -Sony FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS Lens: 🤍 -Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN Lens: 🤍 -Sigma 56mm f/1.4 DC DN Lens: 🤍 -Viltrox AF 13mm f/1.4 Lens: 🤍 MY AUDIO GEAR: -Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Studio Mic: 🤍 -Affordable Compact On Camera Mic: 🤍 -Better On Camera Mic: 🤍 -Zoom H5 Recorder: 🤍 -Zoom F1 Field Recorder: 🤍 OTHER GO TO GEAR: -Sandisk SDXC Memory Card UHS II: 🤍 -NISI 67mm Variable ND Filter: 🤍 -Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II Backpack: 🤍 -Color Checker Calibration Tool: 🤍 -Feelworld T7 7” 4K HDMI Field Monitor: 🤍 -Main Light: 🤍 -36” Collapsible Softbox: 🤍 -GVM 850D RGB LED Video Lights: 🤍 -DJI Ronin RSC 2 Gimbal: 🤍 -Zeapon Motorized Micro 2 Plus Camera Slider: 🤍 -Manfrotto Tripod: 🤍 -Leofoto Mini Table Tripod: 🤍 -C-Stand: 🤍 -Manfrotto Magic Arm: 🤍 -Metabones EF to E Lens Adapter: 🤍 -MacBook Pro 14”: 🤍 -LG 24” Monitor: 🤍 -SANDISK T7 1TB SSD Portable Drive: 🤍 -USB-C to USB-C Cable: 🤍 -Apple USB-C to USB Adapter: 🤍 MAIN WEBSITE: 🤍 MY SONY E-MOUNT LENS GUIDES:: 🤍 FOLLOW ME: Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Tip Jar: 🤍 Patreon Fan Support Page: 🤍



FILMMAKING RIG - Reasons FOR & AGAINST - Sony A7sIII & A7IV CAMERA RIG for CINEMATIC VIDEO ⚡️Convert 1080p into Crispy 4K 🤍 ⚡️ LUTS I USE: 🤍 Code “JAC” for a 15% discount ⚡️ ULTIMATE BUNDLES 🤍 ⚡️ MUSIC: 🤍 Use code JCRAFFORD at checkout. ⚡️ MOTION GRAPHICS 🤍 ⚡️ SOUND DESIGN PACK: 🤍 Use my PROMO CODE: CRAFFORD15 for an additional 15% off! Does a rig really make you a better filmmaker? I think the better question here is WHEN will a rig make you a better filmmaker because if you don’t use it in the right context, it might actually cost you! In this video I share my reasoning behind how I rig up my camera but also why I sometimes prefer to leave it behind. Every shoot is different and should be considered in its own context. Over the past 12 years I’ve shot a variety of genres and I’ve also made my fair share of mistakes when it comes to gear choices which has led me to a more simplistic approach. To help you avoid some of these mistakes I’ve compiled a check list of 4 things that I reason FOR and AGAINST using a camera rig and I still use this on all my shoots no matter how big or small. #filmmakingrig #cinematic #sonyA7sIII #SonyA7IV #camerarig Full disclosure, SmallRig didn’t pay me to make this video, I simply love their gear and I’ve been using it long before they reached out to me. They were kind enough to send me some accessories but have no say in the final outcome and the views reflected here are 100% mine. SMALLRIG: 🤍?afmc=3s9 CAGE: 🤍 FOLLOW FOCUS: 🤍 Special thanks to Niklas Christl for the epic BTS from our Penguin Shoot! Niklas is one of the most inspirational individuals I've ever met and I look forward to making more missions with him! 🤍 = SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: = ⚡️ LUTS I USE: 🤍 Code “JAC” for a 15% discount ⚡️ MOTION GRAPHICS for DaVinci Resolve: 🤍 ⚡️ MUSIC: 🤍 Musicbed is the best place to get music for your films. Get your first month free when you purchase an annual subscription by using my coupon code JCRAFFORD at checkout. ⚡️ FAVORITE SOUND DESIGN PACK: 🤍 Use my PROMO CODE: CRAFFORD15 for an additional 15% off! THE GEAR I USE: SONY A7sIII: 🤍 SONY A7IV: 🤍 SONY FX3: 🤍 FAVORITE ZOOM LENS: 🤍 FAVORITE PRIME LENS: 🤍 EXTERNAL MONITOR: 🤍 CAMERA RIG: 🤍 CAMERA BAG: 🤍 BEST ND FILTERS: 🤍 GIMBAL: 🤍 AUDIO: 🤍 All of the links above form part of AFFILIATE PROGRAMS which means I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Musicbed SyncID: MB01UDSRAOJ68J3

Camera Rigs: EVERYTHING You Need to Know


In-depth look at cinema camera style rigging gear. Learn about the parts and accessories used to build custom rigs for any camera. Want to support the channel? Check out my video guides here: 🤍 Find Rigging Parts Here: 🤍 Watch My Custom Rig Videos Here: 🤍 = VIDEO CHAPTERS 0:00 Introduction 0:45 Cages 1:54 Quick Releases 5:11 Baseplates 6:30 15mm Rods 8:12 15mm Accessories 10:56 Nato Rail System 12:59 Cheese Plates 14:59 Cold Shoes 16:33 Rosettes 18:41 Arri Locking System 20:08 Monitor Mounts 21:04 Handles 23:11 Screws and Hardware 24:21 Arms 25:38 Matte Boxes 26:53 Batteries and Power 29:46 Power Cables 31:16 HDMI Cables 32:14 Cable Management 32:57 More Gear & Conclusion = GEAR MENTIONED As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Links marked as “PAID LINK” are affiliated. Camera Cages on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 Arca Swiss Quick Releases on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 Camera Baseplate on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 15mm Rods on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 15mm Accessories on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 Nato Rails on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 Cheese Plates on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 Cold Shoe Adapters on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 Rosette Adapters on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 Arri Lock Accessories on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 Monitor Friction Mounts on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 Rig Handles: 🤍 Rigging Screws and Hardware on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 Articulating Arms on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 Mattebox Alternative: 🤍 V-Mount Battery for Cameras on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 NP-F Batteries on on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 Battery Plates: 🤍 Favorite HDMI Cables: 🤍 = DISCLAIMERS We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This video was not paid for by outside persons or manufacturers. No gear was supplied to me for this video. The content of this video and my opinions were not reviewed or paid for by any outside persons.

Camera Rigs are Useless...


What's the point of rigging out your camera? It doesn't make it any better... I've seen comments similar to this for years, so I thought I'd have some fun with it and make this ironic video about rigging out the Sony FX3. (Amazon affiliate links) Sony FX3 🤍 Sony FX6 🤍 SmallRig FX3 Cage 🤍 FX6 Tilta Cage 🤍 Cine 5 🤍 Action 5 🤍 Sony a7siii 🤍 Nucleus Nano 🤍 Atomos Ninja V 🤍 Great Joy 50mm Anamorphic: 🤍 Sony 16-35 🤍 Sony 24-70 🤍 SUBSCRIBE NOW & SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!! Let's Connect 📷 Instagram: 🤍 🖥 My Website: 🤍 _ #sonyfx3 #sonyfx30 #camerarig Soundstripe Licenses: QI9SZ7PBJGGBGBUL *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Any affiliate links above used may contribute a small commission to help me create new content. Who is Chadwin Smith? I am an aspiring cinematographer. I love creating videos and showing others how to light and shoot better videos! I also review tech and gear. Based in Arizona, USA

This is the only Camera Cage you'll EVER need.


Download the complete blueprint to making a movie for free: 🤍 Camera guides, filmmaking and cinematography courses: 🤍 What's in my camera bag: 🤍 Find gear on Amazon: 🤍 Find gear on B&H: 🤍 Buy on Amazon: 🤍 Buy on B&H: 🤍 Buy on AliExpress: 🤍 This no-name cage (which goes by different names like Camvate, etc.) is probably the best and most affordable camera cage out there. Very versatile, and it fits most cameras, from mirrorless to DSLRs to even the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. Links can be to our affiliates and we might get paid a commission for any purchases you make. Please support wolfcrow and purchase using these links. It won't cost you extra. Don't forget to subscribe!

The PERFECT Camera Rig!


I built the ultimate mini cinema camera rig! See how this versatile camera rig works and how you can build your own. List of gear used here: 🤍 Want to support the channel? Check out my video guides here: 🤍 = GEAR MENTIONED As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Links marked as “PAID LINK” are affiliated. 🛒 Sony A7s III on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 Tilta Half Cage for A7s III on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 SmallRig Camera Base Plate on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 SmallRig Quick Release on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 Top Handle on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 Budget Top Handle on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 Nato Rail on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 15mm 6 Inch Rods on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 Nitze V Mount Battery Plate on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 Cheese Plate on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 SmallRig 15mm Railblock on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 D-Tap to Sony FZ100 Coupler on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 Kessler Kwik Stand on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 Mini V-Mount Battery on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 SmallRig Monitor Mount on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 Atomos Shinobi 5 Inch Monitor on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 Atomos Battery Eliminator on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 Portkeys LEYE EVF on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 SmallRig Double Nato Magic Arm on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 SmallHD Magic Arm Ball Mount on Amazon (PAID LINK): on B&H (PAID LINK): 🛒 DC Male to Male Power Cable on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 HDMI Angled Cable on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 Wooden Side Handle (Left) on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 Tilta Nucleus Nano Wireless Follow Focus on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 1/4 to 15mm Rod Adapter on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 Tilta Side Focus Handle Type II on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 Rosette 15mm Adapter on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 🛒 Portabrace Cargo Case on B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 on Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 = VIDEO CHAPTERS 0:00 Introduction 2:54 Core Rig 5:25 Rig Modules 9:16 Conclusion and Price = DISCLAIMERS We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This video was not paid for by outside persons or manufacturers. No gear was supplied to me for this video. The content of this video and my opinions were not reviewed or paid for by any outside persons.

NEEWER CA004 Full Camera Cage Compatible with Sony


The NEEWER CA004 Camera Cage Compatible with Sony a7R V / a7 IV / a7R IV / a7S III / a1. Start with the cage and then build it just how you want it with our full line of camera cage accessories #neewer #neewerofficial #sony #sonya7rv #sonya7iv #sonya7riv #sonya7siii #sonya1 #camera #camerarig #cameragear #photography #photographer #sonyphotography #filmmakersoftiktok #filmmaker #filmmaking NEEWER CA004 Full Camera Cage Compatible with Sony (SKU: 66601961) 🤍

The best Camera Cage for Fujifilm X-H2S? TILTA/ Tiltaing


The best Camera Cage for Fujifilm X-H2S? TILTA/ Tiltaing Blog post: 🤍 My Tilta gear: - Camera Cage for Fujifilm X-H2S Basic Kit - Black - Tiltaing 15mm LWS Baseplate Type IV - Black - Left Side NATO Extension Attachment - Tiltaing Advanced Side Wooden Handle Type VIII (Left ) – Black Intro music by Alex Pihey “Eight times” 🤍 Additional music: Belong to You by Denitia (Instr.) Looking for great music for your videos? Subscribe to Artlist and get 2 months free with the link below: 🤍 What’s usually in my bag: 🤍 My favorite plugins: TOPAZ Sharpen 🤍 TOPAZ Adjust 🤍 TOPAZ Denoise 🤍 SOCIAL ME 🤍 🤍

NEEWER CA004 Full Camera Cage For Sony Cameras


Interesting toy for SONY Alpha 7SⅢ! It's easy to build a Camera Rig, right? 🤍 #neewer#camerarig #creativephotography#sharing #cage #quickrelease #filmgear

Why I Love This Camera Rig For Solo Filmmaking


Get the BEST film emulation and color correction plugins with 10% off here: 🤍 Cinematch link: 🤍 ► Gear mentioned: Mic 🤍 Nd Filter 🤍 Mist filter 🤍 Cage 🤍 Nato cold shoe 🤍 Top handle 🤍 Ball joint mount 🤍 Matte Box 🤍 Slim mic mount 🤍 Hand strap 🤍 16mm lens 🤍 30mm lens 🤍 Monitor I'd recommend 🤍 ►Patreon! 🤍 Custom LUTs: 🤍 ►MY GEAR STORE 🤍 ►PODCAST: 🤍 ► Take your films to the next level with music from Musicbed. Sign up for a free account to listen for yourself: 🤍 Also, find my playlist here to get inspired! 🤍 Huge thanks to My Patrons! Tiff D Tate The Vagabond Photographer! ALXMNR Andy Mulcaster Tony Selyem Chris Lawrence Will Mon Dylan Dykes Grzegorz Wierzowiecki Lizi ASMR Christian Stenner Yusuke Oyama Jamie Lorenz Oscar Arciniega Joel Kimble James Corben Matt Civis Liz Gawne Robyn Hahn TW101

Sony ZV-E1 Camera Cage


At last, a camera cage for the Sony ZV-E1 to stop it slipping out of my hands! 🎧 🎥 The BEST Music SFX & Footage for Filmmakers (2 months FREE) - 🤍 👾 The BEST creative templates and presets - 🤍 🌈 Get your LUTs here - 🤍 📱 Instagram: 🤍 ⛓ LINKS TO PRODUCTS IN THIS VIDEO: SmallRig Sony ZV-E1 4257 camera cage - 🤍 8Sinn top handle - 🤍 Permanent marker to make the cage look better - 🤍 🎥💡 CAMERA GEAR I USE: Best Sony Camera Sony A7SIII - 🤍 Best Sony Lens - 🤍 Best Sony Portrait Lens - 🤍 My Favourite Cine Lens - 🤍 Best Studio Light - 🤍 Best Photo Camera Tripod - 🤍 Best Video Camera Tripod - 🤍 Best Action Camera - 🤍 Best 360 Camera - 🤍 Best Vlog Camera - 🤍 Best Travel Gimbal - 🤍 Best BIG Gimbal - 🤍 Best Magnetic filter system - 🤍 My Studio Microphone - 🤍 Best Wireless Microphone - 🤍 Best Camera SD card - 🤍 🚁 DRONES & ACCESSORIES: Best BIG DJI Drone - 🤍 Best sub 250g DJI Drone - 🤍 Drone StartRC Floats - 🤍 Drone Landing Pad - 🤍 Best Freewell Drone Filters - 🤍 DJI Drone LUTs - 🤍 🎧 MUSIC & SFX I USE: Artlist (2 months FREE) - 🤍 💻 FINAL CUT PRO X PLUGINS: MotionVFX - 🤍 FilmConvert Nitrate - 🤍 ⛔️ These are by far the best plugins you'll find anywhere! 📨 CONTACT: For business inquiries email me here: skrabaphillip🤍 💰 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

THE FASTEST Camera Cage Rig EVER!!!


Falcam F22 quick release cage system for Canon R6, R5 and many more!! Falcam have developed this fully customisable Nato quick release camera cage nato system for a variety of popular cameras. This means you can switch your accessories in the blink of an eye, using the nato rail design, and use your cage in many different scenarios. Get yours here - 🤍 AUDIO PRESETS PACK - 🤍 My LUTS - 🤍 My Shop - 🤍 Music for your Video: Epidemic Sound - Stock Footage / Artgrid - 🤍 THE GEAR I USE: * Some of the links shown here are affiliate links which means if you purchase any of the products through these links, I earn a small commission at NO extra cost to you! Thank you for supporting the channel :) My Camera - 🤍 My Favourite Lens - 35mm IS - 🤍 Telephoto Lens - 🤍 My no. 1 Video Light - 🤍 My no. 2 Studio Light - 🤍 My Softbox - 🤍 VND Filter - 🤍 Microphone - 🤍 Monitor - 🤍 Drone - 🤍 Tripod Head - 🤍 Tripod Legs - 🤍 Vlog Pod - 🤍 LIGHT STAND - 🤍 BOOM LIGHT STAND - 🤍 GVM Camera Slider - 🤍 Gimbal - 🤍 If you wish to support the channel monetarily, you can make a donation via PayPal here: This is appreciated and enabled me to keep bringing you the best content possible. FOLLOW ME: YouTube Instagram - 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:30 The Falcam F22 nato quick release camera cage system 1:45 The camera cage F22 3:25 Mini quick release plates 3:37 Side handles 4:40 Top handle 5:28 Monitor mounts 5:44 Accessory mount 6:15 Case 6:34 Build quality 7:09 What I like and what I don't like 8:35 Who is this cage for? 9:11 Vlogging mode full customisation #falcam #ulanzi #cameracage

Neewer Universal Camera cage & Follow Focus review


My review of the neewer camera cage. Basic look at this product from a budget focused perspective. Why is gear so expensive? :/ Let's take a closer look. Neewer Camera cage 🤍 Follow Focus 🤍

SmallRig Mini Follow Focus - Attaches to ANY camera cage


This is the SmallRig Mini Follow Focus which is designed to attach to your camera cage and works with most lenses out there. The part number is 3010. SmallRig Follow Focus - (3010) - 🤍 Try CUTs (I like the Elongated and Split hem Tee's!!) get 15% off using this link - 🤍 or discount code 'CHRISBROCKHURST' Need music? Get 30 days of free music for your videos here: 🤍 My S-LOG 3 LUTs - 🤍 Lightroom Presets I use (Only $10): 🤍 Podcast I Co-Host: 🤍 GEAR USED - 2021 (Amazon affiliate links) Main Camera - 🤍 B Camera - 🤍 Old Full Frame Cam (still good!!) - 🤍 C Cam - 🤍 Best All round lens - 🤍 Ninja V - 🤍 Drone - 🤍 Macro - 🤍 Cheap 85mm - 🤍 Best BTS Cam - 🤍 BEST Lens EVER - 🤍 Walkabout Lens - 🤍 Cheap street lens - 🤍 B Roll Beast Lens - 🤍 Sharpest Lens - 🤍 Zoomy Sniper Lens - 🤍 Vlog Mic - 🤍 HUGE Backpack - 🤍 Travel Bag - 🤍 FAV Portable Light - 🤍 Studio Light - 🤍 Studio Mic - 🤍 BUDGET light Dome - 🤍 A7iii EyeCup - 🤍 A7iii Grip/L Bracket - 🤍 All gear I use: 🤍 Wedding Gear I use on Kit: 🤍 #sonya7siii #djifpv #fpv FOLLOW ME Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE Some of the links used in the description will direct you to Amazon, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. SPONSORSHIP/COLLABS If you are looking to do collaborations, offer sponsorships, or any other requests, hit me up here: chrisbrockhurstinfo🤍 If you have a question or want to chat, use the Instagram or Twitter links above, thanks!

The ULTIMATE Camera Rig // Nail Every Shot


Check out Storyblocks to sign up for the Unlimited All-Access Plan: 🤍 In this video, we will build out the perfect camera rig that can shoot handheld, be put on a tripod, gimbal, or shoulder rig. This is the best camera set up I have ever used. Check out Caleb Pikes Video: 🤍 Lumix S5 Camera: 1. 🤍 2. 🤍 3. 🤍 Camera Cage: 🤍 Side Handle: 🤍 Small Rig Base Plate: 🤍 Small Rig Base Plate: 🤍 Small Rig 4 Inch Rod: 🤍 Small Rig 8 Inch Rod: 🤍 Nitze Battery Plate: 🤍 Came TV Mini V Mount: 🤍 D-Tap Dummy Battery: 🤍 Ninja V Monitor: 🤍 DC Power Cable: 🤍 HawkLock Monitor Mount: 🤍 Atomos Dummy Battery: 🤍 Video Transmitter: 🤍 Dummy Battery NP-F550: 🤍 Polar Pro Base Camp: 🤍 Polar Pro Pivot: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Chapters: 00:00 Introduction 00:57 Lessons Learned 01:59 The Camera 02:32 The Build 05:00 Monitor 06:38 Storyblocks 07:41 Wireless Video Transmitter 08:32 Audio 09:25 Filters 10:15 Shoulder Rig 🎬 THIS VIDEO WAS COLORED USING MY “PUNCHY VIBES” LUT: 🤍 📸 MY LIGHTROOM PRESETS: 🤍 🎬 CREATOR TITLE PACK: 🤍 🚀 "HAU TO" SUBSCRIBE: 👉 🤍 👈 🎥 FREE DIGITAL ASSETS (Presets, Luts, Business Templates) - 🤍 ———LET’S BE INTERNET FRIENDS——— 💌 SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER + FREE DIGITAL ASSETS - 🤍 📸 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 🐦 TWITTER: 🤍 🌍 WEBSITE: 🤍 Business Inquiries: chris🤍 - Please keep this to business requests only :) ———WHERE I GET MY MUSIC——— 🎵 EPIDEMIC SOUND: 🤍 🎵 MUSIC BED:🤍 🎵 ARTLIST (Best value for Business Owners): 🤍 ———HOW I MAKE PASSIVE INCOME——— 🎬 WHERE I UPLOAD STOCK VIDEO TO MAKE PASSIVE $$$: 🤍 ———-WHAT GEAR I USE——- ⚡︎ My new Camera Lumix S5: 🤍 ⚡︎ SOFTWARE I USE TO EDIT VIDEO + PHOTOS: 🤍 ⚡︎ LEATHER CAMERA STRAP: 🤍?ref=NPLdY ⚡︎ LUME CUBE POCKET LIGHT: 🤍 ⚡︎ RODE VIDEO MIC PRO+: 🤍 ⚡︎ RODE SMART LAV+ (Life saver): 🤍 ⚡︎ PROGRADE 128GB SD CARD (highly recommend): 🤍 ⚡︎ SAMSUNG T7 TOUCH PORTABLE SSD: 🤍 ⚡︎ STANDING DESK (HIGHLY RECOMMEND): 🤍 ⚡︎ VARIABLE ND | 2-5 & 6-9: 🤍 ⚡︎ STEP UP RINGS: 🤍 ⚡︎ POLARPRO MAVIC FILTER 6 PACK FOR DRONE: 🤍 ⚡︎ DJI MAVIC 2 PRO: 🤍 ⚡︎ PEAK DESIGN LEASH CAMERA STRAP: 🤍 ⚡︎ SMALLRIG FOLDING TOOL (so clutch): 🤍 ⚡︎ ANKER POWERCORE PORTABLE CHARGER: 🤍 ⚡︎ PEAK DESIGN TRAVEL TRIPOD (Carbon Fibre) 🤍 ⚡︎ VSGO DDR24 DSLR or SLR DIGITAL CAMERA SENSOR CLEANING KIT FOR FULL-⚡︎ FRAME SENSORS: 🤍 ⚡︎ TOSS UP GAME (make friends on set): 🤍 ⚡︎ ANKER POWERLINE + MICRO USB: 🤍 ⚡︎ ANKER 3-PACK POWERLINE+ USB-C TO USB A: 🤍 ⚡︎ THINK TANK RED WHIPS (bongo ties): 🤍 ⚡︎ AMAZON BASCIS AAA RECHRAGABLE BATTERIES: 🤍 ⚡︎ KNIFE: 🤍 ⚡︎ PROGRADE DIGITAL USB 3.1 GEN 2 DUAL-SLOT CARD READER FOR SD AND SD: PROGRADE DIGITAL: 🤍 ⚡︎ DESKTOP EDITING COMPUTER (CRUSHES 4k VIDEO): 🤍 PS: Some of the links in this description are affiliate links (actually most of them are) and I get a small kick back for them. Thanks for your support!

Building a Minimalistic Camera Rig


👉The first 1,000 people to use the link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: 🤍 (affiliate link) Building out a minimalistic camera rig for travel filmmaking and "run and gun shooting". I show you how to build out the Sony FX3, but this can also be done with other cameras like the Panasonic S5ii, Sony a7siii, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras, and so on. 🛒 The Gear: Sony FX3 🤍 Sony 16-35 🤍 Sony 24-70 🤍 Smallrig FX3 Cage 🤍 Tilta Top Handle 🤍 Atomos Ninja V 🤍 SmallHD Cine 5: 🤍 or 🤍 SmallHD Action 5: 🤍 or 🤍 Smallrig Monitor Mount 🤍 PolarPro Mattebox 🤍 Nato Rail 🤍 Rokinon Cine DS Lenses 🤍 Pelican SD Card Case 🤍 Rocket Blower 🤍 Lens Wipes 🤍 Multitool 🤍 Sony FX6 🤍 FX6 Tilta Cage 🤍 Sony a7siii 🤍 Nucleus Nano 🤍 or 🤍 (Amazon affiliate links) SUBSCRIBE NOW & SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!! Let's Connect 📷 Instagram: 🤍 🖥 My Website: 🤍 _ #camerarig #skillshare #sponsored Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring a portion of this video. Who is Chadwin Smith? I am an aspiring cinematographer. I love creating videos and showing others how to light and shoot better videos! I also review tech and gear. Based in Arizona, USA Soundstripe Licenses: PBY61XGOHXPAVIZC, 9WS2KAMSA5ZNTJEX, 6WSIRCULJKYVHZP4, N52YTLRIVQK60OMV, OJDR0UIRU88WZFMO *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Any affiliate links above used may contribute a small commission to help me create new content.

STOP doing this to your camera rig…


📽 Get my LUTs + Presets used in this video: 🤍 🎞 Film Emulation Plugin: 🤍 10% off use code VICTOR10 ☕️ Support the channel with a cup of coffee! 🤍 🎵 Take your films to the next level with music from Musicbed. Sign up for free and listen for yourself! Use the code VICTOR at check out to get 1 month free when you purchase an annual subscription: 🤍 📸 Instagram: 🤍 💻 Website: 🤍 🎉 Discord: 🤍 My Creative Gear! 🔻Laptop - 🤍 🔻Content Creation Camera - 🤍 🔻Main Camera - 🤍 🔻B Camera - 🤍 🔻Waterproof / FPV Camera - 🤍 🔻My Drone - 🤍 🔻Gimbal - 🤍 🔻Favourite Prime Lens - 🤍 🔻Favourite Zoom Lens - 🤍 🔻External Monitor - 🤍 🔻Travel Tripod - 🤍 🔻Slider - 🤍 🔻Memory Cards - 🤍 🔻SSD Storage - 🤍 🔻Carry-On Camera Case - 🤍 🔻Checked Camera Case - 🤍 Disclaimer Some of the links above are affiliate links, where we earn a small commission if you click on the link and purchase an item. MB01CN4DUOHWJ7E MB01NWBWBEJY1NJ MB01GBOP7LPEYTH Any business inquiries please email🤍 #SonyA7iv #camerarig #filmmaking

The Perfect Sony FX3 / FX30 Cinema Rig in 2023


This is the ultimate cinema rig for the Sony FX30 or Sony FX3. It's sturdy, modular, and can be configured to film in vertical orientation as well. The Rig Camera (Sony FX3): 🤍 Cheaper Camera (Sony FX30): 🤍 All Time Favorite Lens (24-70): 🤍 FX3/FX3 Cage: 🤍 Quick Release Plate: 🤍 15mm Rods (8inch): 🤍 V Mount Plate: 🤍 V Mount50: 🤍 V Mount99: 🤍 Cheaper V Mount: 🤍 Nato Top Handle: 🤍 Nato Side Handle: 🤍 Monitor Arm: 🤍 Ninja V Monitor: 🤍 Cheaper Monitor: 🤍 Dummy Battery: 🤍 HDMI: 🤍 USB-C: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Level up your Photography: 🤍 Presets, Templates & Free Stuff: 🤍 TOOLS TO MAKE BETTER VIDS: Artlist - All my music and SFX: 🤍 CAMERA GEAR Main Camera for Photo (Sony A1): 🤍 The Camera I Film These Vids With (Sony FX3): 🤍 All Time Favorite Lens (24-70): 🤍 Primary Landscape Lens (16-35): 🤍 Best Budget Sony Lens: 🤍 Favorite Prime Lens (35mm): 🤍 Astro Lens (20mm): 🤍 Telephoto Beast (100-400): 🤍 Portrait / BRoll Lens (50mm): 🤍 STUDIO SETUP Main Key Light: 🤍 Cheaper Light Option: 🤍 My Studio Microphone (w/ cloud lifter): 🤍 Travel Tripod: 🤍 BUDGET OPTIONS Budget Sony Mirrorless: 🤍 Budget Canon Mirrorless: 🤍 Vlogger Camera: 🤍 - Note: I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases when you click the links above. This is a no cost to you, but helps me to keep the lights on and making great videos for your eye holes.

Do You Need a Camera Cage For Wedding Filmmaking? | SmallRig Black Mamba Cage S5ii


Do You Need a Camera Cage For Wedding Filmmaking? | SmallRig Black Mamba Cage S5ii Camera cages? Do you even really need one of those things anyway to film weddings. In this video we explore 3 Reasons To Use A Camera Cage as a wedding filmmaker and take a quick look at the new #lumixs5ii camera cage by #smallrig. Small Rig Cages S5II/S5IIX Cage - 🤍 S5II/S5IIX Kit - 🤍 Canon R5/R6 - 🤍 🎹 Free Wedding Song Playlist | 🤍 ▶️ Podcast Channel | 🤍 👨🏼‍🏫 Mentorship | 🤍 Companies We Recommend 🎵 Musicbed (1 month free on annual) | 🤍 💻 NoBackLog | 🤍 🎬 Mediazilla | 🤍 🎙Find us on your favorite platforms Spotify | 🤍 Apple Podcasts | 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:42 A Brief History of Camera Cages 1:17 Searching For Our First "Camera Cage" 2:06 The Troubles of NOT having a Cage 2:41 The "Black Mamba" by SmallRig 4:44 Do I Need a Cage for Wedding Filmmaking? 5:25 3 Reasons You May Want a Camera Cage 8:59 Outro Musicbed: MB017AWX919B8VB

My TINY Custom Cinema Camera!


I made a TINY full frame cinema camera that shoots 4K raw video and records to hot-swapping SSDs! Full list of gear used below. Camera Guides and LUTs: 🤍 My Gear Store: 🤍 GEAR MENTIONED SSD Dock: 🤍 Sigma FP: 🤍 Sigma FP Cage (Old version is CCM2518): 🤍 SmallRig Top Handle: 🤍 7Artisans 35mm T2 Cinema Lens: 🤍 Tilta Mini Matte Box: 🤍 Arca Swiss Baseplate: 🤍 Cheese Plate: 🤍 Sticky Foam: 🤍 Samsung T7 SSD: 🤍 USB-C Cable for SSD Dock: 🤍 Cheese Plate Screws: 🤍 SmallRig NP-F Battery Plate: 🤍 FP Dummy Battery Coupler: 🤍 Monitor Mount: 🤍 Portkeys PT5 II Monitor: 🤍 HDMI Cable: 🤍 Wire Loom 1/4 Organizer: 🤍 Velcro Double Sided 1/2 Inch: 🤍 SmallRig Cable Organizer: 🤍 NP-F Batteries: 🤍 VIDEO CHAPTERS 0:00 Introduction 1:54 The Camera 2:40 Camera Cage 2:57 Top Handle 3:18 Cinema Lens 3:57 Matte Box 4:18 Base Plate 4:53 SSD Dock MY FAVORITE GEAR: CAMERA 1: 🤍 CAMERA 2: 🤍 LENSES: 🤍 CAMERA LUT: 🤍 CAMERA RIG: 🤍 STUDIO: 🤍 LIGHT: 🤍 AUDIO RECORDER: 🤍 MICROPHONE: 🤍 DISCLAIMERS & AFFILIATIONS We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Affiliate Links: Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 B&H (PAID LINK): 🤍 This video was not paid for by outside persons or manufacturers. No gear was supplied to me for this video. The content of this video and my opinions were not reviewed or paid for by any outside persons.

SmallRig Video Cage Mount Explained [Nato Rail, Arri Locating Pins, Arri Rosette]


[ All product links below ] 🤍?afmc=2jk A showcase of video cage mount and accessories. With so many mounting options available, here's a quick breakdown into what each mount's advantages and disadvantages are. Link to all parts below A7Riii Cage: 🤍 Top Handle (1/4" screw mount): 🤍 NATO Handle: 🤍 ARRI Locating Pin Handle: 🤍 Universal Side Handle: 🤍 NATO Side Handle: 🤍 Wooden Grip with ARRI Rosette Mount:🤍 Magic Arm (1/4" to 3/8"): 🤍 Magic Arm (Arri Pins to 1/4"): 🤍 Magic Arm (Arri Pins to NATO): 🤍 SmallHD Focus Monitor Cage: 🤍 Use Promo Code "shawn" and get 10% off minimum purchase of $100 at 🤍 #smallrig #camerarig #cameracage ~ Gear ~ CAMERA - Sony A7Riii MIC - Rode Video Mic Pro Plus MONITOR - SmallHD Focus 5 DRONE - DJI Mavic 2 Pro GIMBAL - DJI Ronin S Instagram - 🤍theonlyshawnkoh 🤍 Website - 🤍



In today's video we're talking about smoother handheld filming using camera cages! How to shoot handheld video I believe is a must know for anyone pursuing filmmaking/content creation as a profession. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel so you're notified of all future content. Like the video if you brought you value and leave a comment down below with your thoughts! #Filmmaking #CameraGear #CameraCage ▶ Check out my gear on Kit: 🤍 LICENSED MUSIC FOR CREATORS 🤍 PREMIUM STOCK FOOTAGE 🤍 🤍 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Current Cameras: Canon 1DX Mark II 🤍 Canon Powershot G7X 🤍 Previously Owned: Sony A7RII 🤍 Sony A6500 🤍 Canon 80D 🤍 Canon 70D 🤍 Lumix G7K 🤍 GIMBAL FOR SMOOTH SHOTS  🤍 STABILIZER OF CHOICE: 🤍 FAVORITE SONY A6500 TRAVEL LENS: 🤍 GO TO SONY A6500 and A7RII LENS: 🤍 INTERVIEW LENS: 🤍 DOCUMENTARY RUN & GUN LENS: 🤍 MOST UNDER RATED WIDE ANGLE LENS: 🤍 BEST TRAVEL 4K DRONE: 🤍 Editing Software/Design: Adobe Photoshop CC Adobe Lightroom CC Adobe After Effects CC Adobe Premiere Pro CC Edited on: iMac Pro, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 1TB Custom RAID 0, 500GB Samsung T3, Vega 56 8GB *DISCLAIMER* All links above are Amazon Associated links. If any of the items purchased by you through Amazon come from this video a small portion is monetized to help fund the growth and increased production quality of this channel.

Tilta Camera Cage for Sony FX6


Arm your camera with the Tilta Camera Cage for Sony FX6. Learn More at 🤍 #tilta #sonyfx6 #videocamera #provideo #camerarig #cameracage #cinematography

Why Do Filmmakers Rigs Overlook This? Secrets To Building The Perfect Camera Rig


Building the perfect camera rig requires balance, compactness, and functionality. All three key points must be met to have a successful rig. I believe I have found the perfect combination of parts to make Mirrorless Cameras ready for action whether you are a solo filmmaker or working with a team. Big thanks to 🤍SmallRigGlobal 🤍Pergear 🤍Fotga 🤍zgcine 🤍pdmovie_official2557 for making this video happen! Christmas Special Video: 🤍 BUY HERE 🛒 = RIGHT HANDLE: 🤍 Nato Rail: 🤍 Nato to Arri: 🤍 Cage: 🤍 Base Plate: 🤍 15mm Rails: 🤍 Lens Support: 🤍 Nato Rail + Rod: 🤍 Nato Recording Top Handle: 🤍 Arri Monitor Mount: 🤍 ZGcine Battery Plate: 🤍 ZGcine Battery: 🤍 Sony Dummy Battery: 🤍 Wireless Focus: 🤍 Fotga E50 Monitor: 🤍 Wireless HDMI: 🤍 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL 🙏🏻 = SoundStripe Referral: 🤍 Soundstripe Discount: TLDR15 Paypal: 🤍 Cashapp: $TLDRFILM GEAR USED FOR EPISODE 🎥 = Sony A7S iii: 🤍 Sony Lens: 🤍 Sony ZV-1: 🤍 GH5: 🤍 GH5 Lens: 🤍 RØDE Video Mic NTG: 🤍 AFFILIATE LINKS 📜 Gear I use and talked about in this episode. The links above are to Amazon (US, CAN, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT), BH Photo, Adorama, Ebay, or other affiliate links. As an affiliate, I may earn from qualifying purchases: TIMECODE 🕐 = 0:00 Intro 1:10 Camera Cage 1:33 Base Plate 1:57 Rails 2:08 Nato Top Handle 2:48 Monitor Mount 3:01 THE RIGHT HANDLE 3:27 Wireless Focus 4:07 High Brightness Monitor 4:29 Power Solutions 5:37 Alt. Power Solution 6:48 Last Points #tldrfilmmaker #CameraRig #SmallRig

Filmcity Professional Camera Cage Rig for Panasonic Lumix GH4/ GH3 & Sony A7 series (FC-A7G34-KIT)


To excel the functionality of your Panasonic Lumix and Sony cameras, Filmcity proudly unveils its peculiar Panasonic Lumix GH3/ GH4 and Sony A7/A7r/A7s camera cage shoulder mount kit to give your every shot a more refined & professional feel. For India customers- 🤍 🤍 🤍 Connect With us on our Social Channels and Stay Updated: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Canon M50/M50 II Camera Cage: A Must-Have Accessory for Vloggers and Filmmakers.


The slim and form-fitting CA014 cage will let you do even more with your camera:) NEEWER CA019 M50/M50 II Cage For Canon: 🤍 #neewer #cage #cameraaccessories #photography #viralvideo #camera

Smallrig - Building your perfect camera rig - Fujifilm XH2/XH2s


A guide about what I went through building my first Smallrig camera rig for my Fujifilm xh2s, and what I wish i'd known before buying anything. Do note all links below are affiliated - It won't cost you any more, but it'll help get me more Smallrig gear to review. (have a google for some discount codes to save a few %) Fujifilm X-H2 / X-H2s cage 🤍 Quick release mini nato rail 🤍 HDMI Adapter 🤍 HDMI Cable ultra slim 35cm 🤍 Top Handle [without Rec button] 🤍 Top Handle with Rec Button 🤍 Side Handle 🤍 Rotating Side Handle [The one i wish I got] 🤍 Base Plate 🤍 6 Inch Rods [15cm] 🤍 4 Inch Rods [15cm] 🤍 Battery Plate with Dual 15cm Rode Clamp 🤍 Monitor Mount 🤍 Atomos Ninja V [NOTE while the V+ can record 4k 120, most cameras can't output 4k 120] 🤍 Black Magic Video Assist [a better monitor if you're editing in DaVinci Resolve] 🤍 Matte Box Lite 🤍 Smallrig VND Kit [does NOT work with matte box lite] 🤍 V-Mount Batteries 50wh 🤍 99Wh 🤍 155Wh - coming soon Matte Boxes that DO work with the Smallrig VND Kit Cheapest - 🤍 Medium - 🤍 Best - 🤍

Avoid SHAKY FOOTAGE (without a Gimbal) 🎥


My Favourite Side Handle: 🤍 My Camera: 🤍 SmallRig Quick Release Rail: 🤍 My Favourite Camera cage: 🤍 Watch the Full Video: 🤍 ✨Grab my Lightroom presets✨ 🤍 - 📸 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ♪ TIKTOK: 🤍 🌐 WEBSITE: 🤍 📷 My Cameras and Lenses My Camera: 🤍 B-Camera: 🤍 My Favorite Lens: 🤍 Lens 1: 🤍 Lens 2: 🤍 Lens 3: 🤍 Drone: 🤍 Stabilizer: 🤍 Microphone: 🤍 ND Filters: 🤍 My favorite memory cards: 🤍 My Camera Bag: 🤍 ✨Best Entry Level Cameras:✨ 🤍 🎵 My MUSIC: Artlist (2 Months Free): 🤍 🎞️ STOCK FOOTAGE: Artgrid (2 Months FREE): 🤍 Perfect for your Video Projects! 📹 VIDEO ASSETS & TEMPLATES: Motion Array: 🤍 Great for Overlays, Titles and More! 📷 MY GEAR All of my Gear Recommendations: 🤍 Entry Level Cameras Ideas: 🤍 *Please note, I may earn a commission on some of the links above. 📧 LET'S CONNECT: 🤍 [Timecodes] 0:00 My Video Recording POWERHOUSE 0:28 Why I chose the R6 (It overheats) 1:08 Base Rig and parts overview 2:42 Why Rig out your camera? 3:02 Atomos Ninja V 4:17 Powering a camera with a USB C Power Bank 5:41 Settings for the Canon R6 6:11 How long can the camera record? 7:07 More accessories! 7:55 How to use a Matte Box? 9:07 So Professional...



WIN A FREE PM x NOMATIC Fully Loaded CAMERA PACK! : 🤍 Lightroom PRESET PACKS: 🤍 The Music I use in All my videos: 🤍 - AMAZING for YouTubers! Color Graded with my PM LUTS Pack : 🤍 PM MERCH & COFFEE! : 🤍 My 2020 KIT for Filmmaking, Photography & Vlogs: MY ND FILTERS (A MUST!) 🤍 The Best Camera Bag Available: 🤍 Battery Pouch with Indicators: 🤍 ND FILTER BAG: 🤍 Accessory Camera Box of Life: 🤍 Camera Cube Magic Folding Bag : 🤍 GoPro Hero 7 : 🤍 MAIN Super Powered STUDIO LIGHT (Only one I use): 🤍 SWITCHPOD Vlog Stick: 🤍 My Drone : 🤍 My Smaller Drone : 🤍 ND's For my Drone: 🤍 Main Vlog Camera: 🤍 Photo / Timelapse Camera 2: 🤍 VLOG LENS! : 🤍 Magic ZOOM LENS OF LIFE: 🤍 Gnarly 28-70 Lens: 🤍 DOPE B Roll Lens: 🤍 Small Roll of Gaff Tape: 🤍 Aputure AL-MX Light: 🤍 3 Legged Thing Tripod: 🤍 Cheap alternative to expensive Time-lapse remote: 🤍 Expensive Time-lapse Remote: 🤍 Rode Video Mic Pro Plus: 🤍 Think Tank Memory Card Organizers: 🤍 Think Tank SD Organizers: 🤍 Samsung T5 SSD Drive: 🤍 FOLLOW ME: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Website: 🤍

🔥 This $70 Camera Cage for my Sony ZV-E1 is AMAZING!


I upgraded my Sony ZV-E1 to be a cinema camera with the SmallRig Cage!

Best Camera Cage for Fx3 & Fx30? Sirui Cage Review


In this video I review the Sirui camera cage for the the Sony Fx3 and Fx30. Use Code "SIRUICAGE" for a 5% discount The discount code is valid:04/05/2023 11:00 PM - 05/31/2023 11:59 PM Link: 🤍 Affiliate links: Sony Fx30: 🤍 Sony a7siii: 🤍 Atomos Ninja V: 🤍 Ninja V with SSD: 🤍 Rode Video Micro: 🤍 Black Pro Mist Filter: 🤍 Sony 24-70 GM: 🤍 Sony 70-300 G: 🤍 Hosa stereo break out cable: 🤍 Saramonic Smart rig: 🤍 Favorite Gimbal: 🤍 Here are a few of my other projects you might enjoy: The Welder | Guinea-Bissau Documentary: 🤍 Portrait of Guinea-Bissau: 🤍 The Clinic | Congo Documentary: 🤍 What I learned in the Congo: 🤍 * I receive a small commission at no extra charge to you for purchases made through the affiliate links

The Ultimate Camera Rig - Let's Build It!


▶️Another Camera Rig Video: 👉 🤍 👈 ▶ See more videos about Camera Rig: 👉 🤍 👈 You can build any Camera RIG but, if it's not suitable for your needs it's useless. Every youtuber or filmmaker wants a big, imposing, complete rig, but it's hard to carry and hard to use. In reality, do you need one? Let me show you what I've built and let you think about whether you need one. 🤝 Business Inquiries: hello🤍 😎 Let's be friends: 🤍 Rig: U base: 🤍 Rods: 🤍 Rail block: 🤍 Cheese plate: 🤍 Cage: 🤍 Top Handle: 🤍 Monitor mounts: 🤍 Camera monitor: 🤍 HDMI Clamp: 🤍 HDMI Cable: 🤍 NPF Adapter plate: 🤍 Monitor power cable: 🤍 NPF Batteryes: 🤍 Zoom F3: 🤍 Shotgun mic: 🤍 Shootgun mount: 🤍 Mic Cable: 🤍 My camera: 🤍 My lens 1: 🤍 My lens 2: 🤍 ND Filters: 🤍 🎵 Amazing music for creators: 🤍 ⬆️ I use this tool to grow on YouTube: 🤍 ...................... DISCLAIMER Some links above may be affiliate links. Because of these links, I receive a small commission if you click on the affiliate link and purchase an item. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from eligible purchases, which is a great way to support me, my channel and helps me to bring you more great videos! Thank you. In these videos I only tell my ideas and opinions about the featured products. The opinions are my own, I am not paid to say anything but my honest and personal opinions. 🤍SmallRigGlobal 🤍PortkeysMonitor 🤍ZoomSoundLab 🤍SonyAlphaUniverse 🤍AudioTechnicaUSA #contentcreator #youtuber #filmmaker

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