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Korean Three-Story House Tour / Suburbs of Seoul


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Process of Making Beautiful Korean-Style House. Skilled Korean Carpenter


Process of Making Beautiful Korean-Style House. Skilled Korean Carpenter 📢 information in the video (Korean-Style House) 🤍 E-mail : 514158🤍hanmail.net 🎬 Contact Us ▶processk22🤍gmail.com - We take pictures of process that are not commonly seen around us or all process of special value for free. 🎥 Copyright(C) 2022. Process K. all rights reserved.

When a Swedish visits Korean house 🇸🇪


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I stayed in a really old korean house


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my $680 Korean Apartment Tour | living alone in Seoul 🏠


Living alone diaries~ I moved into my own apartment in Seoul, South Korea :) I break down the costs, what I did to decorate it and talk about the good and bad sides of living in a loft/mezzanine apartment! SUPPORT Paypal: 🤍 BUSINESS ENQUIRIES annalee94530🤍gmail.com FOLLOW 🤍jyannalee on Instagram & TikTok Apartment Tour in Seoul, South Korea: Costs, Expenses, Likes & Dislikes Revealed! 💼✨ Step inside the enchanting world of Seoul apartment living as we take you on a comprehensive tour of our stylish and cozy apartment. 💰 Gain insights into the costs and expenses associated with renting in Seoul, from monthly rent and utility bills to maintenance fees and amenities. 🛋️ Explore each room as we highlight the unique features, space utilization, and interior design of our apartment, offering inspiration and ideas for your own living space. 🌆 Discover the pros and cons of apartment living in Seoul, as we candidly discuss our favorite aspects, such as convenient location, modern facilities, and vibrant neighborhood, while also addressing any potential drawbacks. 📝 Get practical tips and advice on apartment hunting, negotiating rental contracts, and navigating the rental process in Seoul's competitive housing market. 🏞️ Join us as we showcase the breathtaking views, nearby attractions, and essential amenities surrounding our apartment, painting a vivid picture of the lifestyle and convenience Seoul has to offer. 🌟 Whether you're planning to relocate, curious about Seoul living, or seeking inspiration for your own apartment, this video provides an in-depth look into the costs, benefits, and personal experiences of apartment living in Seoul, South Korea. 🏢💼 #ApartmentTour #SeoulLiving #CostOfLiving #RentalExpenses #ApartmentHunting #SouthKoreaLiving #InteriorDesignInspo

i moved into a seoul penthouse 🇰🇷 han river & namsan tower views, pool, sauna, gym, breakfast


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Can Young Koreans Afford to Buy a House? #shorts


Buying a house and navigating the housing market has become challenging in many places around the world, including Seoul. We asked Koreans about the cost of buying a house in Korea and whether they could afford one. Follow 🤍asianbossmedia for more authentic insights from Asia! #korea #seoul #salary #income #job #career #asia #asianboss #streetinterview #staycurious

SUB) 룸투어ㅣ주택살이 로망을 이루어준 두번째 전셋집ㅣ정원소개ㅣ딸의 생일날ㅣHouse & Garden TourㅣHAMI's Birthday


안녕하세요! 하미마미입니다 :) 오늘 영상은 많은 분들이 요청하셨던 룸투어 영상이에요. 시간 관계상 제품 정보를 다 소개 해 드리지 못해 아래 댓글에 정리 해 둘게요! 혹시 찾으시는 제품이 있으셨다면 참고 부탁드려요 🥰 📍 영상 속 가구, 소품, 제품 정보 (List of furniture & interior items) 1. 주방 kitchen ( 00:52~ ) ㅇ 식탁 dining table : 작은언니네 가구점 (Little sister’s furniture), 의자 chair : 리바트 (Livart) ㅇ 식탁 조명 table lighting : 무또 MUUTO ㅇ 화병 flower pot : 이케아 IKEA ㅇ 커피머신 coffee machine : 스메그 SMEG (커피 원두 : 구스타프 커피, 유리컵 : 브라켓테이블 ) ㅇ 정원용 테이블, 의자, 파라솔 Garden tables, chairs, parasols : 이케아 IKEA ㅇ 청소세제 용기 detergent container : 실리쿡 Silicook ㅇ 유리 양념병 glass seasoning bottle: 시노글라스 SinoGlass ㅇ 반찬통 선반 dish tray shelf : 이케아 IKEA ㅇ 프라이팬 정리대 frying pan organizer: 한샘 Hanssem ㅇ 달력 calendar : 아프로캣 afrocat ㅇ 스위치 가리개 fabric frame : 케이트가든 kategarden ㅇ 식기 건조대 dish rack : 밧드야 vatya ㅇ 수저칸막이 tableware organizer : 하밍소 hamingso ㅇ 원목 주방 도구 거치대 wooden organizer : 살림취향집 salimliking 2. 거실 Living room ( 02:40 ~ ) ㅇ 원형테이블 round table : 데코룸 900 Decor-room, 의자 chair : 오블리크테이블 Oblique table ㅇ 거실장 cabinet, 책상 desk : 로우드 가구 RAWWOOD furniture ㅇ 오븐 oven : 위즈웰 wiswell ㅇ 오븐장 oven furniture : 이케아 IKEA , 라탄 바구니 basket : 자주 JAJU ㅇ 오븐 장갑 oven gloves : 샐러드세탁소 salad laundry ㅇ 가정용 재봉틀 sewing machine : 싱거 Singer 2250 ㅇ 모빌 Mobile : 플랜스테드 flenstead ㅇ 세탁 세제 : 리네드 천연 미네랄 세제 ㅇ 원목 가벽 wood wall : 까사라움 casaraum ㅇ 무소음 시계 clock : 리베르떼 liberte 3. 2층 Other Rooms ( 04:50 ~ ) ㅇ 욕실 흰색 2단 정리대 bathroom organizer: 이케아 IKEA ㅇ 폐플라스틱 비누 거치대 recycled plastic soap holde r: 여행상점 travel shop ㅇ 욕실화 거치대 shoe rack : 네이버 스토어팜 가사의 시간 googling ㅇ 안방 담요 blanket : 데코뷰 Deco View ㅇ 아이방 포스터 Alphabet poster : 해그린달 Haegreendal ㅇ 아이방 침대 bed : 숲소리 soopsori. ㅇ 아이방 책상 pink desk : 리바트 livart 꼼므 1200 ㅇ 아이방 러그 rug : 헬로미니미 (단종 out of stock) ㅇ 아이방 전면 책꽂이 : 안지가구 ㅇ 아이방 고양이 액자 frame : 웜그레이테일 warm gray tail ㅇ 3층 스탠드 조명 floor stand lighting: 이케아 IKEA 4. 정원 ( 07:40 ~ ) ㅇ 정원용 테이블, 의자, 파라솔 Garden tables, chairs, parasols : 이케아 IKEA 📍 요리 : 꽃 오일파스타 (10:30), LA갈비, 미역국, 연어 시저샐러드 ( 13:48 ), 리틀포레스트 삼색 떡케이크 ( 20:11 ) * LA 갈비 양념은 고기 600g 기준 간장 4T, 설탕 2T 이고 (간장이 짠 경우, 조금 줄이세요) 과일은 고기 1.8kg 기준 양파 1개, 배 1/2개 넣었어요. 양파는 영상보다 더 큰거 사용하시면 좋을듯 해요 :) 📍 하미 생일 풍선 : 이마트 📷 Instagram : 🤍 📷 TikTok : 🤍 * 페이스북은 운영하지 않습니다 🎧 Epidemic : 🤍 ( 1달 무료 ) 🎧 Artlist : 🤍 ( 2달 무료 ) * 링크 통해 가입시 혜택이 제공되며, 저도 소정의 혜택을 받습니다. #하미마미집 #전원주택 #온라인집들이 #정원투어 #마당있는집 #하우스투어 #집꾸미기 #오늘의집 #풀멍 #살림브이로그 #주부일상

Traditional Korean House Tour ► Hanok in Jeonju


Hanok are traditional Korean homes and I give you a tour of one during our stay in Jeonju! The city is filled with over 800 hanok, making it a hotspot for tourists to experience old-school Korean culture. Within walking distance, we also check out a folk performance accompanied with live music. For dinner we have a feast paired with makeolli (Korean rice wine). Watch the video to see the day unfold :) SUBSCRIBE TO MY BUDDIES: Fei (heyitsfeiii): 🤍 Sara (호주사라 HojuSara): 🤍 Joel (jipseekid): 🤍 Kim (kimdaoblog): 🤍 Takane (Takanen World): 🤍 Jason (JasonRayTV): 🤍 Midori: 🤍 Impa (impaofsweden): 🤍 Ricky (rickyKAZAF): 🤍 Michelle (michimomo): 🤍 Lux: 🤍 May (4maybeso): 🤍 Claire (鍋貼 Claire Channel): 🤍 Thanks to KOFICE for making this trip possible! 🤍 * MY MERCH SHOP: 🤍 Get your Anyong Chingoo shirt today! 🤍 FOLLOW ME: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍sweetandtastyTV MY WORLD FOOD & TRAVEL CHANNEL: 🤍 Snapchat & IG: 🤍missminaoh Music from Epidemicsound.com #travelvlogger #southkoreatravel #traditionalvillage #jeollabukdo #hanokvillage #2017VisitJeonbuk #KoreaJoa2017 #KoreaJoa Note: This video was filmed in July 2017.

직선의 조화가 아름다운 단독주택 라피나 Beautiful house in Korea /타운하우스/전원주택


시그니처 하우스 Signature House - ※ 해당주택은 분양&매매중인 주택이 아닙니다. 고객맞춤형 설계&시공을 하고있는 더존하우징 주택전시장 입니다. 공식 홈페이지 : 🤍 건 축 문 의 : 1644-3696 대한민국 단독주택 시공1위 더존하우징 위치 : 더존하우징 본사&쇼룸 주택전시장 경기 화성시 봉담읍 동화북길 63 라피나 구조 : 경량목구조 총 면적 : 255㎡ (77.1py) 1층 : 146.7㎡ (44.4py) 2층 : 108.3㎡ (32.8py) 주택전시장 관람 예약 🤍 건축문의 🤍 - - 채널구독하기 🤍 시그니처 하우스 korea house tour 타운하우스/단독주택/전원주택 #타운하우스 #전원주택 #단독주택 #용인타운하우스 #광주타운하우스 #용인단독주택 #광주단독주택 #용인전원주택 #광주단독주택

Korea is a safe country 💙


Moving to Our Dream House in Gangnam (Korea) ? House Tour!


IKEA IDS 이케아 인테리어 디자인 서비스 보러가기!! IKEA IDS (INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICE) 🤍 WELCOME TO OUR NEW HOUSE in Gangnam?! ( Moving, House Tour in Seoul) 저희 20대 국제부부 드디어 강남 입성 했습니다!? ( 이사과정 부터 집 투어 까지 모두 공개!! ) 00:00 Our History 05:35 IKEA TOUR 12:18 House Tour : Before 13:03 Moving Process 16:03 House Tour : After 25:21 Our Plan Joining Jinties Member! 🤍 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING US International couple Jin and Hattie , British girlfriend and Korean boyfriend. 국제커플 진 앤 해티, 외국인 여친, 영국여친 , 한국인 남친 Jin and Hattie’s Tiktok account 🤍 Jin’s Instagram 🤍 Hattie’s Instagram 🤍 Business contact- contact.jinandhattie🤍gmail.com BGM 출처 : Music provided by 브금대통령 #surprise #AMWF #국제커플 Jin and Hattie MERCH IS ON 🤍 P.O BOX ADDRESS FOR JIN AND HATTIE🥰 13th document delivery room, 19, World Cup buk-ro 56-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea Zip code : 03923 서울 마포구 월드컵북로56길 19, 드림타워 13층 문서수발실 우편번호 : 03923

145평 대저택 단독주택 마스터룸만 4개! 욕실TV, 스크린 골프,고급 와인바로 퍼펙트 라이프 French modern-style house in Korea


시그니처 하우스 촬영 현장 문의 : 1661-2286 위 치 : 용인시 처인구 능원리 Location : Neungwon-ri, Mohyeon-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do. 건축방식 : 철근콘크리트 Architecture : reinforced concrete structure 대지면적 : 129평 lot area : 426㎡ 연 면 적 : 145평 Built Area : 479.33㎡ B1 71평 + 주차장 24평 1층 25평 2층 25평 주 차 장 : 벙커 4대 garage : bunker parking lot 분 양 가 : 32억 Price : about $2,452,107.28(USD) 옵 션 : 냉장2, 냉동고, 김치냉장고, 광파오븐 식기세척기, 세탁기, 건조기, 스타일러 시스템 에어컨 특 장 점 : 마을버스 정류장 200m, 죽전 15분 기반시설 : 상.하수도 인입 / 오폐수 직관 / LPG 벌크 채널구독하기 🤍 시그니처 하우스 korea house tour 촬영 및 광고 & 비지니스 문의 : 1661-2286 #타운하우스 #전원주택 #단독주택 #용인타운하우스 #광주타운하우스 #용인단독주택 #광주단독주택 #용인전원주택 #광주단독주택

$1.5M Luxury Apartment Tour in Seoul, Korea


Inside a $1.5 Million Luxury Apartment in Seoul, Korea. Don't be a stranger, hit the subscribe button and join the family 🤍 The apartment: 🤍 _ 👾 Join my Discord Community 👾 🤍 🦋Follow Us🦋 TINA 🤍 🤍 ZENN 🤍 🤍 💟 Shop my lashes 💟 🤍 🤍 🤍 ★Shop My Palette★ Pixi Beauty X Tina Yong Tones & Texture Feeling Fresh Palette 🤍

How to know you’re in a KOREAN HOUSE 🇰🇷 #korea


Full video here: 🤍

Apartment Hunting in Seoul 🤍 touring 14 insane unique homes w. prices | Sissel


It has begun... season 3 of Apartment Series! Let's get this party started. Enjoy ♡ SIND Black Friday SALE : buy 2 or more products for 30% off SIND 🤍 INSTAGRAM ♡ 🤍sindbeauty _ MEET ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA INSTAGRAM ♡ Sissel_ab _ MUSIC Artlist 🤍artlist.io ♫ Itai Kahsti - A Postcard From Home ♫ Lane King - Miles ♫ Walz - At First I Thought ♫ Yuvi Gerstein - Sun Kissed Skin ♫ Yuvi Gerstein - Found A Place ♫ Blending Colors - Take The Road _ TIME STAMPS 00:00 intro 00:30 why are we moving? 02:03 the Korean rental system 03:19 apartment no. 1 06:38 apartment no. 2 09:04 apartment no. 3 09:28 apartment no. 4 10:27 apartment no. 5 11:47 apartment no. 6 13:47 sind beauty sale 15:00 apartment no. 7 18:07 apartment no. 8 19:57 apartment no. 9 20:36 apartment no. 10 21:36 apartment no. 11 23:54 apartment no. 12 25:45 apartment no. 13 27:27 apartment no. 14 30:41 the verdict _ EQUIPMENT USED Main Camera ♡ Canon EOS 700D Lens ♡ Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Mic ♡ Røde VideoMic Pro Vlogging Camera ♡ Canon G7X Mark ii Editing Software ♡ Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018

What the Inside of a Korean Minimalist Home, Actually Looks like (House Tour)


Presello House Tour 379 Modern 4 Bedroom House for Sale in Riviera Estates Silang, Cavite Details : Floor Area: 253 SQM Lot Area: 300 SQM ₱20,000,000.00 4 Bedrooms 4 Toilet and Baths 2-Car Carport Features: Fully Furnished, Built-in Cabinet, with Lanai Area Year Built: 2023 Title status: Clean Orientation: East For more info click here: 🤍 🤍 Licensed brokers with clients are welcome! _ Presello Hotline: For inquiries, call our Presello hotline (open between 9am-6pm daily): 0966 256 9937 _ Are you selling a house or real estate property in Metro Manila, and would like to be featured by Presello? Click here 🤍 _ For more videos, choose from the playlists below: Quezon City House Tours - 🤍 Ayala Alabang House Tours - 🤍 Manila House Tours - 🤍 Mandaluyong House Tours - 🤍 New Manila House Tours - 🤍 San Juan House Tours - 🤍 - For our special featured houses and our real estate podcast click below: Presello Featured House Tours - 🤍 Presello Real Estate Podcast - 🤍 Music are from 🤍LiQWYD and 🤍Ikson, please go to their channel to support them! - Check out our website - 🤍 Like us on Facebook - 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 #Presello #HouseTour #HouseForSale #House #HouseAndLotForSale #HouseDesign #Architecture #Dreamhome #PreselloTherapy #PreselloAndChill #InteriorDesign #PreselloFam

감동이 있는 역대급 한강뷰 아파트 구조변경으로 한강뷰를 확보한 72평 고급주택 리모델링 KOREA Renovation (Apartement Seoul) 인테리어 디자인


이번에 소개해드리는 디자인하우스는 에스디자인 인테리어회사에서 리모델링을 한 한강뷰아파트입니다 이곳 여의도 서울아파트는 1976년 지어진 오래된 아파트이지만 뛰어난 입지조건을 갖고 있는 여의도 대표 아파트 중 하나입니다 단지 내 면적은 48평형, 50평형, 72평형으로 구성이 되어 있는데 오늘 소개해드리는 리모델링 아파트는 72평형으로 넓은 공간감을 느끼실 수 있으며, 구조변경을 통해 감동이 있는 집으로 만들었어요 한강뷰가 보이는 주방쪽은 거실로 변경하였고, 막힌 아파트뷰가 보이는 거실 쪽은 주방으로 변경을 했습니다 마스터존의 욕실은 원래 방이 있었던 곳이지만 구조변경을 통해 한강뷰가 보이는 욕실로 만들어 놓았어요 방 두개는 촬영여건이 안되어 촬영을 못한점 이해 부탁드립니다 즐겁게 감상해주세요 위 치 : 서울시 영등포구 여의도동 여의도서울아파트 면 적 : 72평형 238.84㎡ Design - SDZAIN(에스디자인) Homepage - sdzain.co.kr Instagram - 🤍S_dzain 적용 제품 정보: 화신세라믹 현관 타일 - 마리 화이트 60*120, 화신세라믹 거실 타일 - 마리 화이트 60*120, 화신세라믹 주방 타일 - 마리 화이트 60*120, 화신세라믹 거실욕실 타일 - 마리 화이트 60*60, 화신세라믹 안방욕실 타일 - HS 66505 60*60, 화신세라믹 안방욕실 타일2 - HS 66501 60*60, 화신세라믹 제품 자세히 보기 - 🤍 (Information) Location: Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea area: 238.84㎡, 2,570.85ft2 * 인테리어 준공영상 촬영 문의는 아래 메일 또는 핸드폰으로 연락주세요 광고 및 비지니스 문의 aeas860513🤍gmail.com (P. 010-2217-8342) Design House 디자인하우스 (T.1670-8342) #리모델링 #인테리어 #interiordesign #homeinterior #renovation #부동산 #고급주택

🇰🇷Brilliant way people in Korea move apartments🤯


TikTok + IG 🤍rachelheheh

How to enter a Korean house without dirt 🏠


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USA house keys vs. South Korea


Buying a house in South Korea as a FOREIGNER! 🏠 [International Couple] 🇰🇷🇲🇳🇺🇸


Buying a house in Korea, is it possible as a foreigner? It is possible, but it is a little difficult when you are an expat! Watch our journey of attempting the process! And tell house which house was your favorite?! And do you enjoy house hunting? Don't forget to turn on Captions/ Subtitles by hitting the 'CC' button! Check out our photos on IG. *Brandon & Sora 🤍 *Sora 🤍 *Brandon 🤍 = #couple #korea #국제커플 #Blasian #internationalcouple We are Brandon and Sora. We are an International couple living in Seoul, South Korea. Mongolian girlfriend and American boyfriend.

Welcome To Our New Home!! EMPTY HOUSE TOUR IN KOREA (Aisha Ba)


Hi guys! After countless weekends visiting house after house and lots of depressing moments since we thought we would never find something that we liked and still with a reasonable price we finally found the home that we fell in love with! Here is a first sight of the empty house tour. Lots of moving and house-decorating videos will follow! I hope you will enjoy the video and thank you so much for watching 🥰 CHECK OUT MY NEW WEBSITE: 🤍 My Crochet Channel: / 🤍crochetwithaisha FOLLOW ME ON: Instagram: 🤍_aisha_ba_ TikTok: 🤍_aishaba_ For Business Inquiries: ayssataba🤍yahoo.de MUSIC CREDITS: All Songs and Soundeffects that I use are from EPIDEMIC SOUND. If you like the music and you are a creator too you can get a one-month free trial by using my personal referral link: 🤍 #familylife #ambw #blasianfamily

Zkoušíme to NEJLEPŠÍ KOREJSKÉ JÍDLO v Praze! 😍


Pokud se vám video líbí a chcete další, rozhodně nezapomeňte dát like! :) MERCH: 🤍 FIGURKY: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 PC setup: Predator ORION 9000 + Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Zvuk: Mikrofon: Shure SM7B Zvukovka: GO XLR mini Rameno: Rode PSA1 Studio Arm Video: Facecam: Sony ZV-1 Main: Sony Alpha A7 III Objektiv: Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Mikrofon: Rode VideoMic NTG + RODE Wireless GO II EDIT: 🤍 #korea #HouseBox​ #koreanfood Naleznete mě: Instagram: 🤍 BUSINESS MAIL: Jakub.Vna🤍gmail.com

Process of Making a old fashioned Korean-Style House.Skilled Korean Carpenter


Process of Making a old fashioned Korean-Style House.Skilled Korean Carpenter 👦Information in the video (Hanok) 🏡Address: 1059-1 Jeongam-ri, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do 🚀Representative number: 1877-7904 🏠Website: 🤍 ⚡E-mail : 514158🤍hanmail.net 🎥 We film all the processes of making and using in everyday life. Welcome to Process Q, the manufacturing process documentary channel. 🎬 Contact:processq7🤍gmail.com

Cramped life in 'gosiwon', Korea's smallest, cheapest homes


Have you ever heard of ‘gosiwon’? Gosiwon refers to a form of dormitory-style single room accommodation common in South Korea that first appeared around the 1980s, mostly near universities in Seoul. These facilities provided cheap accommodation, mostly small in size - between 3 and 6 square meters - and intended for students preparing for state-run exams to be lawyers or senior government officials. But nowadays, gosiwons are more associated with poverty, having become a symbolic residential facility for socially disadvantaged people who cannot afford more comfortable accommodation.

House Tour in Korea


$550 HUGE KOREAN APARTMENT TOUR | Gyeonggido, Korea


so excited to finally show you around my apartment here in Gyeonggido!🌿💞 This apartment is brand new and has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms 😍 However, we only pay about $550 USD per month because it's not a rental apt (Wolse), it's a Jeonse Apt! Jeonse is a type of large bank loan for housing that is very unique to Korea. We pay $550 to the bank each month instead of paying the apartment owner. It's a win-win situation because the apartment owner re-invests the money from our deposit (from the bank loan) to make a profit. A win for us because we pay WAY less per month than if we were renting this apt. Also, we'll get all of the money back that we are paying on the loan when we move out wtf 🤯 I know it sounds too good to be true lol but this video below explains how Jeonse works: Explanation of Jeonse vs Renting (Pros and Cons)- 🤍 The deposit (percentage of the apt's jeonse price) you have to put down to get the loan depends on many different factors including: which bank you go to, your income, age and marital status, etc. So in order to not make things too long/complicated, I didn't go into depth in the video. But for anyone curious, we personally had to put down 10% of the apt's jeonse price (2.8억) as a deposit that we will get back in full when we move. 10% of the apt's jeonse price was approx $24,600 USD so that is how much of a deposit we put down and the bank covered the rest. The key money deposit for our last apt in Seoul was about $20,000 USD so we just transferred that over and had to come up with about $5k more from our savings to cover the %10. We pay approx $550 to the bank each month towards the loan 👍 hope u enjoyed today's video 🥰🥰🥰 love u!! ❤️ 👀 Come Find Me 👀 IG: 🤍rachelheheh 🤍 Tiktok 🤍rachelheheh 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Business Inquiries: contact🤍wildent.com 💖 My Accessory Shop 💖 IG: 🤍twiceshyshop 🤍 Global Website: 🤍 Etsy: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍twiceshy 🤍 🎶 Music 🎶 90s Flav- Call Me 🤍 Chill City Nights- Mark Generous 🤍

my Korean House Tour | 1 crore ka ghar | South korea


My new house tour :) hope you like it THANKS FOR WATCHING! DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE WITH YOUR LOVED ONES subscribe me here : 🤍 INSTAGRAM : Riz_graphy facebook :Riz in Korea SNAPCHAT : Rixibixii TWITTER : AbayRiz TIKTOK : Rizinkorea FOR ANY INQUIRIES EMAIL : Billgames38🤍gmail.com music by epidemic sound : running into : 🤍 cloud9 : 🤍 #bts #btsarmy #southkorea #pakistanivlogger #pakistaniinkorea #koreanfood #koreanfood #koreanlanguage #korean #pakistaniboyinkorea #kpop #seoul #beach #travelvlog #travel #jungkook

Lifestyle 101😍Smart Home Gadgets | Home Cleaning TikTok #cleaning #asmr #usa #canada #uk #australia


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How Much Is House Rent In Seoul, Korea?


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We Gave An Extreme Home Makeover To A Korean Grandma Making $2 A Day | THE VOICELESS #30


If you consider yourself a true fan of Asian Boss, become a member of our community to join the cause: 🤍 Madame Yoo is an 82-year-old elderly woman in Korea and has raised 5 children. She has been living alone for 5 years. Madame Yoo now survives off of a $200/month government pension and $2/day earned by tirelessly picking up cardboard boxes from morning to night. Check out our first visit to Madame Yoo here ► 🤍 It’s winter now in Seoul, South Korea, and we visited her for the third time to see how she’s been managing to keep warm. What we didn’t tell her is that we came with a surprise that would change her life forever. We've created a crowdfunding page so you can donate directly to Madame Yoo: ► 🤍 If you want to keep supporting the Korean Legacy Committee, follow the link below. ► 🤍 Reach out to Stephen (Founder & Host) if you have any questions: Twitter ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Our vision is to build a lasting grassroots movement of young people from every country to report on real social and cultural issues. We believe having meaningful discussions with people with different opinions is extremely important. Are you curious about real people's perspectives from Asia on various cultural and social issues? Subscribe to ASIAN BOSS for more informative and thought-provoking videos ► 🤍

500$ Four Bedroom KOREAN APARTMENT TOUR 🏠| Incheon


It's a 160m² (49pyeong) apartment with 4 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms, laundry room, and a small balcony. I pay less than $500 per month but this is because I split the bills with my roommate but still very affordable compare to Seoul! 01:17 How my house really looks when I don't clean 01:36 Cleaning my house 03:52 House tour 11:33 What is Jeonse and how much I pay to live here [house hunting tips in korea] 🤍 Business: thizisdan1227🤍gmail.com #koreanapartment #koreanhouse #koreaapartments #koreahouse #jeonse #incheon #incheonhouse #korealife #lifeinkorea #koreanguyhouse #koreanvlog #onlinehousetour #랜선집들이 #집들이 #인천집 #korea #koreaapartmenttour #koreahousetour Instagram: 🤍 Tiktok: 🤍 BGM –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– llama drama - Jobii –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Mona Wonderlick - Afternoon Tea (extended) 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Music promoted by Epidemic Library: 🤍 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– House Hunt - Dylan Sitts

이제 정말 보기힘든 5룸 단독주택 126평 대저택 3대가 살수있는 집 층마다 개별공간+기반시설,위치까지 완벽한 집 (태양광+도시가스)


촬영 현장 문의 : 1661-2286 시그니처 하우스 Signature House - 00:00 인트로 00:23 벙커주차장 00:51 부출입구 01:33 주출입구 01:45 정원 03:20 1F 현관 03:31 1F 거실 04:20 1F 주방 05:33 1F 테라스 06:23 정원화덕 07:01 1F 다용도실1 07:42 1F 욕실1 08:18 1F 침실1 08:59 1F 드레스룸1 09:56 2F 2층거실 10:07 2F 테라스1 10:37 2F 다용도실2 11:08 2F 펜트리 11:19 2F 침실2 11:35 2F 드레스룸2(침실2) 12:12 2F 욕실2(침실2) 14:04 2F 욕실3 14:19 2F 침실3 15:11 3F 다락 미니주방 15:22 3F 욕실4 15:36 3F 테라스2 16:10 3F 가족실,침실4,침실5 건축방식 : 철근콘크리트 Architecture : reinforced concrete structure 위 치 : 경기도 광주시 오포읍 신현리 Location : Sinhyeon-ri, Oppo-eup, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do 대지면적 : 198평 (도로26평 포함) lot area : 655㎡ 연 면 적 : 126평 지하: 24평 1층 : 37평 2층 : 37평 다락: 28평 Built Area : 417㎡ 주 차 장 : 벙커주차장 2대+∝ garage : bunker parking lot 분 양 가 : 21억 5천 Price : about $1,656,400(USD) 옵 션 : 시스템 에어컨 9대, LX슈퍼세이브5 최상위버전 샷시 및 시스템창호 시공 시스템 파고라, 정원조경식재, 가전 풀 옵션 거실 및 욕실 이태리 수입타일 시공 주방전체 세라믹 시공 2.3층 원목마루 시공 밀레 인덕션, 팔맥 isolal75후드 태양광 3Kw, 스마트 출입 통제 시스템, cctv 드레스룸 2개, 붙박이장 주변 환경 : 죽전 15~20분, 판교 25분, 강남 40분 분당 서울대 병원 자차 20분 율동공원 자차 10분 버스정류장 도보 2분 초, 중학교 자차 10분 고등학교 분당학군 배정 기반시설 : 상수도 / 오폐수 직관 / 도시가스 - 채널구독하기 🤍 시그니처 하우스 korea house tour 촬영 및 광고 & 비지니스 문의 : 1661-2286 #타운하우스 #전원주택 #단독주택 #용인타운하우스 #광주타운하우스 #용인단독주택 #광주단독주택 #용인전원주택 #광주단독주택

After 74 YEARS We Can Finally Go Inside...Korea's Blue House Blew Our Minds | Presidential Residence


#southkorea #seoul #korea We were recently invited to film at THE BLUE HOUSE in Seoul, and what an experience it was! The Blue House is where the Korean president resides, works, and meets foreign leaders. The grounds consist of several buildings that showcase the beauty of traditional Korean architecture. Until a few months ago, it was completely closed off to the public for 74 years. We have always been SO curious what it's like inside the grounds, so this was such an incredible experience for us! Thank you so much to the Korean Government and Korea Cultural Heritage Administration for sponsoring this video :) » The Blue House Official Website: 🤍 (online reservation is needed for the Blue House tour) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ■ MUSIC All music in our videos is from 'Epidemic Sound'. Our Affiliate Link for a FREE 30-day trial: 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ♥ Support our channel on PATREON: 🤍 ♥ Support our channel & Stray Kitties via 'YouTube Membership': 🤍 ♥ Support our channel and stray kitties by buying us a one-time 'coffee' ☕ 🤍 ■ INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ■ BEEMO’S INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ■ KYUHO’S INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ■ TWITTER: 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FTC: This video is sponsored by the Korean Government! We also sometimes have some links in the description box which we make a small commission from. This helps support our channel, at no extra cost to you, of course! :) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - After 74 YEARS We Can Finally Go Inside...Korea's Blue House Blew Our Minds | Presidential Residence

Korea Vlog: house hunting in Korea, cafe hopping, cooking healthy summer meal & dessert | Q2HAN


10% OFF promocode: Q2HANSPF Pyunkang Yul Amazon official store: 🤍 Moisture Soothing Suncream: 🤍 + Enter the Giveaway \ Giveaway Link: 🤍 Open worldwide Pyunkang Yul will contact 10 lucky winners via email on July 24th #Pyunkangyul #PKY #SPF #Sunscreen #Kbeauty #hybridsunscreen ­_ ◐ CONNECT WITH US ◑ 📱Instagram: 🤍 🔗Facebook: 🤍 🐥Twitter: 🤍 🔗Tiktok: 🤍 + Outfits \ Eyelet lace mini skirt: 🤍 \ Blue gem silver ring: 🤍 \ Silver metallic ring: 🤍 \ Sleeveless lace button blouse: 🤍 \ Eyelet lace long skirt: 🤍 \ Brown buckled boots: 🤍 + OAFU cafe \ Seoul, Seongdong-gu, Ttukseom-ro, 408 7 3F \ 🤍 + Find Found \ 69 Donggyo-ro 51-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul \ 🤍 + Lumio beauty house (Where we get our hair done) \ Please DM Captain Housae for reservation: 🤍 \ Or contact him at his kakaotalk: Dote84 \ Mention “QQ Twins” for 30% discount \ Make sure to make a reservation for Captain to get a discount \ 19 Bongeunsa-ro 4-gil, Gnagnam-gu, Seoul ­_ ◐ PRODUCTION ◑ + Royalty Free Music    \ 🤍    \ Listen on your favorite platform: 🤍    \ Music by Asher Alexander - Opiate (Interlude) - 🤍    \ Music by Andres Jacque - Gentle Soul - 🤍    \ Music by Blue Sirens - Love - 🤍    \ Music by C4C - Last Call - 🤍 *FTC Disclaimer: This video is supported by Pyunkang Yul. All opinions and content in this video are our own, honest thoughts.

( 드디어 공개 ) UN Village Luxury House~ LANUVO HANNAM 한남동 유엔빌리지 라누보한남 펜트하우스 ~WOW~!!


라누보 한남 펜트하우스 ( LANUVO HANNAM ) 소재지 : 서울시 용산구 한남동 11-272 사용승인날짜 : 2022년 05월 27일 거래형태 : 분양 금액 : 유선문의 공급/전용 면적 : 공급 278.68㎡ / 전용 255.62㎡ 주용도 : 공동주택 룸/욕실 : 룸4 / 욕실3.5 입주가능일 : 즉시입주 관리비 : 미정 (사용량에 따라 상이함) 총세대수 : 4세대 총층수 : 지하층~지상4층 주차 : 총 16대 방향 : 남향 (거실기준) ─────────────────────── 전화 : 02-549-6600 상호 : 넘버원리얼티 공인중개사사무소 대표 : 한윤송 주소 : 서울시 강남구 봉은사로 111길 40,1층( 삼성동 ) 등록번호 : 제 11680-2020-00343 호 2020년 8월 21일 이후에 등록된 모든 영상은 공인중개사법 시행령 개정에 따른 표시·광고 명시사항을 준수하고 있습니다. ─────────────────────── 안녕하세요 구독자여러분~^^ 대한민국 고급주택 전문기업 " 넘버원리얼티 공인중개사 "입니다. " 넘버원리얼티 "는 신축분양,고급빌라,고급아파트,고급오피스텔,타운하우스,단독주택을 취급하고 있으며 서울을 대표하는 강남3구를 비롯하여 수도권 전지역 경기도권 전지역을 취급하는 전문 부동산입니다. 또한 상위 0.01% VIP를 위해 매물정보를 실시간으로 업데이트하여 체계적으로 데이터화 하고 있습니다. 부동산 시장의 변화 흐름은 정확한 분석과 예측 그리고 그에 따른 적절한 대응전략이 필요합니다. " 넘버원리얼티 "는 거대한 변화의 움직임에 신속하고 능동적으로 대처하기위해 10년이상 경력의 전문 컨설턴트와 전문 마케팅 인력이 귀하를 모실 준비가 되어있습니다. 당신의 "특별한 삶에 고품격 안식처"를 제공해 드릴것을 약속드립니다. 소비자 욕구 (customer needs ) , 동향,추세 (trend) , 열정(passion) , 체계화(organize) 를 기업 모토로 하여 글로벌 기업으로 탄탄히 성장해 나가도록 하겠습니다. 넘버원리얼티 채널 No.1 vip real estate consulting & development Kakaotalk : kdk2727 E-mail : dokyung1017🤍naver.com 넘버원리얼티1 : 🤍 넘버원리얼티2 : 🤍 넘버원리얼티3 : 🤍 넘버원리얼티4 : 🤍

Inside a North Korean home


CNN's Will Ripley gets a rare glimpse inside a typical North Korean apartment and shows an insight into everyday life.

SUB) If you just follow, full level housekeepingㅣ🔎11 useful and simple housekeeping Tips


📷 Instagram : 🤍 * Please turn CC subtitles The moment I find a housekeeping tip that suits me, There are times when even the tedious chores can feel enjoyable. Small but small moments were collected and captured on video. Let's watch the video together 💛 - *This video does not contain advertisements. *Please note that rude comments may be deleted. - *자막은 CC로 설정해 주세요. - 나에게 맞는 살림팁을 발견하는 순간, 지루했던 집안일도 즐겁게 느껴질 때가 있어요 작지만 소소한 순간들을 모아 영상에 담아 보았어요 영상 함께 보시죠💛 - *본 영상에는 광고를 포함하고 있지 않습니다. *무례한 댓글은 삭제될 수 있으니 참고 부탁드려요.

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