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This is the Best FREE MIDI Plugin EVER!


💎Download Ripchord FREE here - 🤍 🥁Drumkits & presets 👉🏻 🤍 🏷️ PLUGIN AFFILIATE LINKS 🤍 // Contact xtothadizzle🤍 Thanks for watching, liking and sharing. I appreciate ya! Disclaimer; This tutorial can only be replicated, remixed, edited and/or changed for non commercial use and include the link to this tutorial in the description. Any release for commercial rights, please contact me.

Generate random MIDI with this crazy plugin!


Store link and more info: 🤍 ‎ Welcome to Rhythmizer 2.1, your new MIDI friend ready to blast some new magic into your synths and samplers. ► Draw one note. Start an adventure. Rhythmizer turns a single note into random MIDI output - under your control. Random velocity, note length and groove get your instrument jamming instantly. Reaching for a melody? Choose from an extensive list of scales - you can't hit a wrong note. The Chroma scale works perfectly with samplers - the device will choose sampler cells at random. ►‎MIDI looping is here. Slam that Loop button at any time to hear it again and again, at whatever subdivision you require. We like dotted eight loops, or 1/16ths for a glitchy feel. ‎►Ready to rock. Mac and PC users, everyone's looked after - Rhythmizer comes in VST3 and AU. The device is compatible with all major DAWs and can send MIDI to anything that receives it: your synths, samplers... even hardware! Don't miss a thing. Record Rhythmizer's output to MIDI and keep editing. ►Human feeling. With just a few knob twists (or hit some of our presets inside), introduce essential humanisation into your music. Random velocity and gate get the flow shifting, and add a little - or a lot of - Shuffle groove to get things off grid and less clinical. You're going to love Bend Mode. Instead of scale notes, Rhythmizer sends out pitch bend data. Slide from wobbly vintage vibrato to whacky, LFO-triggered pitch dives. ►‎Push to the Max. Some of you may know that Rhythmizer started its journey in Max for Live. Ableton Live Suite 10/11 users can enjoy extra skins and a Map control with the M4L device (included). Store link and more info: 🤍 Get connected to Futurephonic! // 🤍 // 🤍

InstaComposer MIDI Plugin - New Generation (VST, AU, AAX)


Get the plugin / Try free demo: 🤍 New Generation Sometimes inspiration comes at you thick and fast... but sometimes not. Instacomposer is your saviour when creativity runs dry, or when you just need your talent topped up. This MIDI generation plugin can conjure melody, rhythm, bass, pads and chords at the click of a button - all using artificial intelligence to create genuinely useful and musical riffs. This is the next step in automatic composition, using a complex algorithm to determine notes, harmonies and chords based on your personal preferences. With this much composing power at your fingertips, you’ll never be stuck in a musical rut again. Artificial Intelligence The backbone of Instacomposer is a behind-the-scenes decision making matrix that creates notes based on both mathematics and musical knowledge. Plus, the artificial intelligence factors in a whole host of parameters that you can set in the bottom panel, from repetition probability to the complexity of chord shapes. Harmonic variations, strumming techniques and note density are just some of the myriad of options that can be adjusted, feeding the algorithm your own personal set of preferences. Total Flexibility Instacomposer is as unique as you are, taking into account your chosen scale, time signature and riff length. Choose to create new sequences for one, some or all of the 5 tracks, and in any combination of melody, rhythm, bass, pad and chord. MIDI Editor The onboard MIDI editor can be used to tweak the output of Instacomposer within the interface itself. This means that you can manipulate the music before it leaves the plugin, adding your own creativity and personal style on top of what the plugin has offered you. Move, copy and delete notes within a familiar piano-roll interface, even changing the velocity. MIDI Export Drag the MIDI tracks straight out of Instacomposer and into your DAW for ultimate ease of use. Alternatively, set up multi-channel instruments and route the MIDI from Instacomposer into your favourite VSTi’s. In this way you can preview all 5 tracks simultaneously, without ever leaving the Instacomposer environment. Presets Instacomposer includes a huge number of factory presets; useful musical motifs to get you up and running quickly which can eventually become the basis for whole tracks. W. A. Production are real-life producers making creative plugins to help you achieve studio quality processing quickly and easily. Enjoy! Features - Intelligent MIDI Generation plugin - Create Melodies, Phrases, Riffs, Chords & more - Infinite ideas at the click of a button - Generate 5 tracks simultaneously - Multi-track and Multi-channel routing - Automatic harmonies and chord progression generation - Comprehensive MIDI editing - MIDI drag and drop - Multiple time signatures - Many controls for Probability, Complexity & Variation - Factory Presets - Full PDF Manual and Tutorial video ️Get FREE Vocal Samples, Melodies & Presets: 🤍 ️Get the hottest EDM sounds: 🤍 ️Join our Discord group for music producers: 🤍 ️Build Your Fanbase & Trade Reposts: 🤍 ️Don't forget to subscribe, like, comment & share :) Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Soundcloud: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍

How to make MIDI STRINGS sound MORE REALISTIC | Tutorial #shorts


A tutorial on Midi strings, vst, sound design, fl studio 20, music production. #beatmaker #musicproducer #sounddesign

Looking for a dope Midi and chord generator, here is Musia Plugin | Musia


Looking for a dope Midi and chord generator, here is Musia Plugin | Musia #Musia #ChordGenerator #muisaplugin Looking for a dope Midi and chord generator, here is Musia Plugin | Musia Get incredible melodies in seconds IG: HWFLOSS BEATSTARS PAGE : 🤍 Merch : 🤍

Samplab FREE Audio To Midi VST Plugin Review And Demo (Convert A Sample To Midi Notes)


Welcome To My Channel. In this video we review and demo SampLab. Follow Me On: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Join The Patreon: 🤍 Join The Discord Here: 🤍 Grab SampLab Here: 🤍 Grab Evicted Sample Pack here: 🤍 Copyright Free Music Here: Grab Some Merch Here: 🤍 FOR COLLABORATIONS AND CONSULTATIONS EMAIL ME AT SumnSumnSumnHTK🤍 Subscribe if you want to see more! COMMENT WHAT VIDEO I SHOULD MAKE NEXT ⬇ #SumnSumnSumn #Samplab

The BEST AI Audio to MIDI tool! (And it's Free!)


Audio to MIDI has always been a bit finicky, sometimes you get great results, sometimes you don't. In this video, we'll be taking a look at an AI powered Audio to MIDI converter from a surprising source: Spotify. And it's free, to boot! Starting with a chord progression from Scaler, I'm taking that MIDI and creating a quick track in Native Instrument's Massive, flattening that to a WAV, and seeing how accurate Spotify's Neural Networked AI is. The results were really surprising! 🤍 Make sure to like and subscribe for more AI music related content! Subscribe: 🤍

MIDI Chord Generator Plugins REVIEW


🤍 - Scaler VS Chordprism VS Captain Chords VS InstaChords - With so many MIDI chord generator plugins springing up in the last few years, I bought them all and tested them out. LET'TS BATTLE to find out the best! (In my opinion, and with a focus on beatmaking / Maschine users / SeratoStudio users, not Piano-wizards ;-) MIDI Chord generator review: Scaler - 🤍 Chordprism - 🤍 Captain Chords - 🤍 InstaChords - 🤍 These VST Plugins work in all DAWs like Logic, Ableton, Cubase, Waveform Tracktion, etc For Maschine / SeratoStudio users I recommend Chordprism and Scaler, but that's not all...



Descarga midis generados con Lemonaid: 🤍 Lemonaid Music: 🤍

This FREE Sequencer Plugin is INSANE! 🤯


Howdy! Today we're here to talk about this amazing free sequencer VST plugin called Stochas. Get Stochas ► 🤍 Become a Patron ► 🤍 Samples and Presets ► 🤍 Gear List ► 🤍 My Awesome Partners: 🎶 Get Bitwig! ►🤍 💿 DistroKid (Save 7%) ► 🤍 🎼 Hooktheory! ► 🤍 💙 Kilohearts ► 🤍 🟧 Reason Studios ► 🤍 🎹 Perfect Circuit ► 🤍 🕺 Cableguys ► 🤍 🌊 Waves Plugins ► 🤍 🔊 ADSR Sounds ► 🤍 Gear I Use: Keyboard Tray: 🤍 Edison Lamps: 🤍 Desk: 🤍 Chair: 🤍 Computer Monitor Stand: 🤍 Synth Rack: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Video Lights: 🤍 Camera: 🤍 Lens: 🤍 Headphones: 🤍 MIDI Keyboard: 🤍 Audio Interface: 🤍 ▼▼▼TIMESTAMPZ:▼▼▼ 0:00 Howdy 1:08 What Is Stochas? 1:26 My Mom is Mean 1:43 Why is this cool? 2:49 How to use Stochas 7:38 Serum Funk 8:52 Multi Channel Fun 10:35 Stochas is Dopeass 13:17 Closing Thoughts Stay classy! ▼▼▼Distribute Your Music Today With DistroKid & Save 7%▼▼▼ 🤍 ▼▼▼Join My Discord!▼▼▼ 🤍 ▼▼▼Follow Venus Theory▼▼▼ Official Site → 🤍 YouTube → 🤍 Twitter→ 🤍 Soundcloud → 🤍 VK → 🤍 ▼▼▼Gear List▼▼▼ 🤍 - Disclosure: If you make a purchase using any of the affiliate links, I will earn a small commission with no extra cost to you. This is a great way to get cool new stuff, and support the channel so I can make more videos like this one! I only promote products and services that I love myself, and I'm sure you'll love them too! I appreciate it! 😁 #freeplugins #musicproduction #sounddesign

MIDI Madness 3 | Generate MIDI Melodies, Chord Progressions & Bass lines Plugin


Check-out MIDI Madness 3 🤍 See Deals on Plugins 🤍 In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper demonstrates and reviews the key features of MIDI Madness 3 by MIDI Madness Software and there is a lot to be impressed with. This device creates Melodies, Chord Progressions and even Bass Lines at the click of a button. You can also load your favourite VSTi right into MIDI Madness, so no messy complicated routing needs to be done in your DAW. Not only that, but you can randomize parameter automation for your VSTi as well... all this and more in the video! #MIDIPlugin #Melodies #ChordProgressions Check-out MIDI Madness 3 🤍 See Deals on Plugins 🤍

Neural Note: A Free VST Plugin for Audio to MIDI Conversion


NeuralNote by 🤍DamienRonssin and uses the Spotify Basic Pitch library to convert audio2midi inside of any daw, blazing fast and free. Download 🤍 💕 Support me on Patreon: 🤍 💰 or donate via Paypal: 🤍 🎧 Buy my Music: 🤍 💾 Download my Tools / Github / Resources: 🤍 💻 Check out my gear on Kit: 🤍 DEALZ: 🛒 Buy Bitwig Studio & Support me 🤍 🛒 Upgrade Bitwig Studio & Support me 🤍 🛒 VST/AU Plugin Deals 🤍 SOCIAL MEDIA Discord: 🤍 Blog: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Reddit: 🤍 Business Inquiries: robert🤍 Paypal Donations: donate🤍

Miles de MELODÍAS MIDI con este plugin - Melody Sauce


Link del plugin: 🤍 ############# Y para PRODUCIR y MEZCLAR y conseguir ese SONIDO PROFESIONAL con pegada que hará destacar tus temas y que lleguen más lejos, échale un vistazo a nuestros cursos: 🤍

9 FREE Plugins (That Shouldn't Be Free)


Howdy! Today it's finally time for a new roundup of some of the best free plugins out there. Sorry it took so long! Free To Use Sounds ► 🤍 (save $5 with code: venustheory5) Become a Patron ► 🤍 Samples and Presets ► 🤍 Gear List ► 🤍 ▼▼▼Plugin Downloads▼▼▼ Deelay ► 🤍 Surge XT ► 🤍 Cardinal ► 🤍 Fire ► 🤍 Ruina ► 🤍 Gatelab / Filterstep / Panflow ► 🤍 PaulXStretch ► 🤍 My Awesome Partners: 🎶 Bitwig ► 🤍 🔊 Free To Use Sounds ► 🤍 (save $5 with code: venustheory5) 💿 DistroKid (Save 7%) ► 🤍 🎼 Hooktheory! ► 🤍 🎛 PSP Audioware ► 🤍 (save 10% with code: venustheory) 💙 Kilohearts ► 🤍 🎸 Bandzoogle ► 🤍 💻 Plugin Boutique ► 🤍 ☁ Loopcloud ► 🤍 🟧 Reason Studios ► 🤍 🎹 Perfect Circuit ► 🤍 🕺 Cableguys ► 🤍 🌊 Waves Plugins ► 🤍 🔊 ADSR Sounds ► 🤍 👽 PSY Acoustics: 🤍 (Save 10% with code VENUSTHEORY) Gear I Use: Edison Lamps: 🤍 Desk: 🤍 Chair: 🤍 Computer Monitor Stand: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Video Lights: 🤍 Camera: 🤍 Lens: 🤍 Speaker Stands: 🤍 MIDI Keyboard: 🤍 Audio Interface: 🤍 ▼▼▼TIMESTAMPZ:▼▼▼ 0:00 Free To Use Sounds 0:33 Howdy 1:56 Deelay 5:45 Surge XT 7:22 Cardinal 10:37 Fire 13:33 Ruina 15:19 Gatelab / Filterstep / Panflow 18:37 PaulXStretch 21:38 Closing Thoughts Stay classy! ▼▼▼Join My Discord!▼▼▼ 🤍 ▼▼▼Follow Venus Theory▼▼▼ Official Site → 🤍 Audius→ 🤍 Bandcamp→ 🤍 Twitter→ 🤍 Instagram→ 🤍 Soundcloud → 🤍 VK → 🤍 - Disclosure: If you make a purchase using any of the affiliate links, I will earn a small commission with no extra cost to you. This is a great way to get cool new stuff, and support the channel so I can make more videos like this one! I only promote products and services that I love myself, and I'm sure you'll love them too! I appreciate it! 😁 #musicproduction #freeplugins #freevst #sounddesign #tutorial

5 Incredible Free Piano Plugins 🎹


Howdy! Today we're here to talk about 5 absolutely free pianos that I love that run inside of free plugins. I promise, these are worth a bit of space on your drives! Become a Patron ► 🤍 Samples and Presets ► 🤍 Gear List ► 🤍 ▼▼▼Piano Downloads▼▼▼ Spindle: 🤍 Claustrophobic Piano: 🤍 Autumn Piano: 🤍 Winter Felt: 🤍 Glass Piano: 🤍 My Awesome Partners: 🎶 Get Bitwig! ► 🤍 💿 DistroKid (Save 7%) ► 🤍 🎼 Hooktheory! ► 🤍 💻 Plugin Boutique ► 🤍 💙 Kilohearts ► 🤍 🟧 Reason Studios ► 🤍 🎹 Perfect Circuit ► 🤍 🕺 Cableguys ► 🤍 🌊 Waves Plugins ► 🤍 🔊 ADSR Sounds ► 🤍 Gear I Use: Edison Lamps: 🤍 Desk: 🤍 Chair: 🤍 Computer Monitor Stand: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Video Lights: 🤍 Camera: 🤍 Lens: 🤍 Speaker Stands: 🤍 MIDI Keyboard: 🤍 Audio Interface: 🤍 ▼▼▼TIMESTAMPZ:▼▼▼ 0:00 Hooktheory! 0:26 Quit Drumming Your Monkey 1:26 What We're Doing Today 2:10 Claustrophobic Piano 3:29 Spindle 4:34 Glass Piano 6:08 Autumn Piano 7:34 Winter Felt Piano 9:28 Making A Quick Experimental Chune 14:18 Final Result 15:40 Closing Thoughts Stay classy! ▼▼▼Join My Discord!▼▼▼ 🤍 ▼▼▼Follow Venus Theory▼▼▼ Official Site → 🤍 Audius→ 🤍 Bandcamp→ 🤍 Twitter→ 🤍 Instagram→ 🤍 Soundcloud → 🤍 VK → 🤍 - Disclosure: If you make a purchase using any of the affiliate links, I will earn a small commission with no extra cost to you. This is a great way to get cool new stuff, and support the channel so I can make more videos like this one! I only promote products and services that I love myself, and I'm sure you'll love them too! I appreciate it! 😁 #pianovst #freevst #freeplugins

MIDIculous 4.0 Using VST/AU Plugins


#midiculous #learnpiano #musiclearningsoftware #virtualpiano Purchase Desktop: 🤍 Purchase iOS: 🤍 MIDIculous 4.0 is our new iteration of our popular MIDIculous software. It is the #1 learning software ever created. No matter if you are a teacher or a student, you will have the ability to learn music in a very useful and fun way. With the advent of teachers now teaching online and remotely, this software is invaluable, because of its ability to produce custom lessons from teachers that you can send your students remotely. Our UI is completely resizable and every musical component is detachable, colorable, and resizable. This is especially great for YouTube teachers who want to display all of the musical components on your videos in unique ways and exclusive ways. Also, Zoom and Skype lessons can be represented on the screen as well. Main Highlights: Completely new source code and architecture Comes as a VST/AU/AAX Plugin New Resizable Interface and widgets All components detachable and colorable (Score, Chords, Instruments, Pedals) Plugin Manager to Manage Plugins Updated Animated Modwheels Updated Animated 3-Foot Pedals (Sustain, Soft, Sostenuto) Updated recognition of sharps, accidentals, and enharmonics Main Features Vector based UI for crisp HD graphics Resizable GUI and Distortion modes Load MIDI Files with full sound, Sysex changes, tempo, and key signatures recognized Load Audio Files Load Video Files Load LMS (Live-MIDI Sync) which is a MIDI and an Audio file in one file for detailed instructions from teachers with MIDI data. Load LMV (Live-MIDI Video) which is a Video and Audio file together for enhanced visual lesson with MIDI data. Change Pitch, Tempo for file or loop points for Audio, MIDI, and Video High Quality Re-Pitch algorithm with adjustable re-pitching and slow-down modes Score View Solfege Notation with two international standard version options Create Loop points Save all settings and loop points to a .midiculous file GM Sound source through OS Set the Root Tempo and Root Key. Split keyboard options for MIDI Input and for MIDI file playback Panic button for stuck notes Dedicated MIDI input that can be mixed with MIDI notes. Viewable Sustain pedal view Detachable objects with fully customizable colors Keyboards to have multiple keyboard views VST/AU/AAX Plugin Capable MIDI Forwarding Options Dedicated Plugin Manager to isolate crashed plugins




MP MIDI Controller - Switching plugins from the touch screen


MP MIDI Controller | 🤍 #mpmidi #mpmidicontroller #midicontroller #controller #midigear #studio #studiogear #studiocontroller #musicstudio #cubase #logicprox #reason #studioone #protools #ableton #cakewalk #luna #plugins

Pro Tools Audio Plugin MIDI Control With reFuse Software Mulligan


With Avid providing deep hardware surface integration for Pro Tools audio plugins via Eucon, those using other devices have had to work with greatly reduced functionality. Can one solution finally allow haptic heaven with any MIDI controller? We find out. Head over to the Production Expert blog to find out more… 🤍

InstaChord 2 MIDI Plugin | AI Powered Humanized Chords (VST / AU / AAX)


Get the plugin / Try free demo: 🤍 00:00 - Introduction 00:21 - Demo Examples 01:54 - Features 02:24 - Interface Overview 03:32 - Quick Guide 03:40 - Pattern Editor 05:17 - Pattern Presets 05:27 - Pattern AI Generation 05:52 - Play / Hold Modes 06:07 - Chord Keys 06:30 - Chord Sequence Presets 06:48 - Choosing Chords 07:20 - Transposing 07:38 - Chord Progression Generator 08:37 - Custom Chords 09:06 - Actions 09:33 - Lock Keys Humanized Chords We believe that creative expression should be simple, intuitive, and inspiring. When you're making music, you need the right chords to set the tone and Instachord 2 delivers exactly what you called for... and fast! We were so blown away with the reception to the original Instachord that we couldn’t resist developing that concept into a fully-fledged chord creator and mini-sequencer. Simple enough to be used by anyone, but with the power to make professional music, this dynamic MIDI processing plugin is the chord creation and sequencer tool that will take your music to the next level. Whether you're a songwriter or producer, this ideas engine will help you speed up your workflow and creation process. Find the best progression and apply a single pattern to play all of them. Easily master some of the hardest chords, in any musical key and combination of notes and different voicings. Use this plugin to generate chord shapes, learn tricky harmonics and share your creations. NEW Pattern Editor After releasing Instachord, an oft-requested update was to gain more control over strums and chord playback. We took that note and ran with it, creating a brand new interface window, the Pattern Editor. Here you’ll create your own patterns and sequences, dragging notes around in the same way as your DAW. Produce soaring synth arpeggios, pounding piano chords, or delicate guitar riffs. You get full management over time signature, play mode, and velocity with creative editing controls for strum programming. NEW AI Generation Adapted from our popular Instacomposer plugin, this generative button will take the existing scale and spawn brand-new riffs based on complex algorithms and a touch of randomization. Always musical and inspirational, these new ideas can be tweaked in the same way as your own patterns so that they fit perfectly into your song. NEW Hold Modes Compared to the original Instachord, this new version has many more playback options for fretting and picking notes. 5 in total, covering different behavior for holding notes and toggling chords. Whatever the instrument you’re playing, there will be an authentic playback mode to suit. NEW Custom Chords Edit existing chords or create your own by selecting intervals between notes to make custom chords. Alternatively, play in notes with your MIDI keyboard to help Instachord 2 learn your favorite chord shapes. So Many Chords With over 60 chord shapes to choose from, you can explore inversions, voicings, augmentations, and extensions like never before, making your music sound more interesting and compelling. Choose your own chords from the extensive selection, or hit the Generator button to ask Instachord 2 for fascinating inspiration. Set up to 24 different chords and switch between them using the chord keys. Transpose the current chords to any other key you desire with a couple of clicks. Playing chords & Picks There are ways to play chords and picks than ever before, now all fully customizable in the Pattern Editor. For example, a key can be assigned to strum the top 3 notes of the chord and another to play a riff on the other 3 notes. You can also play individual notes of the chord separately. So it's possible to manually arpeggiate or strum chords. Action Stations Newly integrated into the main playback keys, action keys can be set to transpose by octave or semitone, providing an easy way to move chords away whilst playing live. Flexibility Instachord 2 is highly customizable and users can change many aspects to match their needs. Select your own UI size, type of playback, key configuration, and position. You can even lock the Chord and Action keys so that they don’t change whilst you experiment with more presets and settings. Features - Inspiring Chord, Strum & Pattern MIDI Processor - Connects to any sequencer - NEW Advanced pattern editor - NEW AI chord sequence & pattern generation - NEW Playback modes - NEW Edit & create custom chords - 60+ Chord shapes & multiple voicings - Resizable interface - Factory presets - PDF Manual & Tutorial video ️Get FREE Vocal Samples, Melodies & Presets: 🤍

BURN MIDI - Record Midi Output From Any Midi Generator (Chord / Scale VST) Into the Piano Roll


This tutorial will show you how to use the new "Burn Midi" feature in FL Studio 20. This allows you to easily capture the midi generated by any midi generator plugin such as Cthulhu, Komplete Kontrol, Captain Cords and so on, and then get the actual notes they generate into the piano roll. This is very easy to do with this new feature, and it makes working with these kinds of plugin a whole lot easier than it used to be. RECOMMENDED STUDIO GEAR: (Amazon links below) AUDIO INTERFACE: ☑️ Focusrite Scarlett Solo: 🤍 ☑️ Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 (3rd Gen): 🤍 REFERENCE HEADPHONES: ☑️ AKG 612 PRO: 🤍 ☑️ Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO: 🤍 BUDGET MONITORS: ☑️ 5": Yamaha HS5: 🤍 ☑️ 7": ADAM Audio: 🤍 ☑️ 8": Yamaha HS8: 🤍 PROFESSIONAL MONITORS: ☑️ 7": ADAM Audio A7V: 🤍 SUBWOOFER: ☑️ KRK 10S2 V2: 🤍 MICROPHONE: ☑️ Audio-Technica Cardioid Condenser Studio XLR Microphone: 🤍 ☑️ Vocal recording booth/stand for microphone: 🤍 XLR CABLES: ☑️ TISINO 35 ft Balanced XLR cable for mic: 🤍 ☑️ Monoprice 6 ft Balanced XLR Cable for monitors: 🤍 SHORTCUT KEYBOARD: ☑️ Backlit FL Studio Shortcut Keyboard: 🤍 ☑️Get The Complete Idiot's Guide To Music Theory Here: 🤍 As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. ✔️ VST & Effect Plugins: 🤍 ✔️ Premium Loops And Sample Packs: 🤍 ❤️ Support this channel on Patreon: 🤍 ❤️ Support us with a one-time PayPal donation: 🤍 ⚠️ Do you need professional feedback on your track? Mixing or mastering? Check out my gigs on Fiverr: 🤍 Follow FireWalk on social media: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 📧 Other inquiries? firewalk.official🤍

Plugin gerador de Melodias e MIDIS | Unison MIDI Wizard | Fl studio


Rede social pessoal: Instagram Iraquenobeat: 🤍 Rede social da Garagem Beats: Instagram Garagem beats: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Contato: garagemdosbeats🤍

Neural Note | Full Walkthrough for Beginners


~What's good PULSE family!~ Have you ever been wondering how to get some of those lush midi chords that you hear alot of producers use? Or do you want the bassline from a wav file but cant play it out? Look no further! Neural Note is a FREE audio to midi converter but its so much more. Check out the video and make sure to get this from the download link below! You can load or record audio directly into the plugin itself, which then will do its best to portray the pitches as MIDI information. From here, you can drag the MIDI out to your DAW’s timeline and assign whatever instrument you want to handle the sound generation.This is a GAME CHANGER for sure! make sure to like, comment, and subscribe and dont forget to share this to any producer that wants to step up there game! Thanks for coming though and checking out the channel! Blessngs! Side Note: I'm not even sure that I saw this earlier but what is my grey hair doing on my chin, smh, lol???? Link to Neural Note FREE: 🤍 Links to equipment I have and use (These are affiliated so thanks for the support): a. Peavey Mixer (Outdated) but here is a great upgrade - 🤍 b. Behringer Vacuum Tube Amp - 🤍 c. Behringer 4 Channel Multicom Pro - 🤍 d. Sterling Audio 8 Channel Headphone Amp - 🤍 e. Livewire Power Conditioner 9 Outlet - 🤍 f. Recording Microphone (Booth) - 🤍 g. Headphones - 🤍 h. Sterling Mic with Boom Arm (Discontinued) but a good sub - 🤍 i. Hue Lights (4 Pk) - 🤍 j. Komplete Kontrol s49 - 🤍 k. Maschine MK3 - 🤍 l. M- Audio MR5 (Discontinued) next ones are BX5's - 🤍 m. "HUSTLE" Signage - 🤍 ▶Join my Patreon for more PULSE: 🤍 ▶ Join me also on Discord: Discord: 🤍 ▶ Lets hit 10k Subscribers guys : 🤍

4 FREE Plugins/VSTs You Need (FL Studio , Ableton, Logic Pro, Pro Tools)


Get the plugins: 🤍 Video by: ​🤍IBEENART Splice on Discord: 🤍 #vsts #plugins #freeplugins #splice #musicproduction #sampling 4 FREE Plugins/VSTs You Need (FL Studio , Ableton, Logic Pro, Pro Tools)

MIDIQ MIDI Processing Plugin - The Shape Of Music (VST / AU)


Get the plugin / Try free demo: 🤍 Get 1 free plugin each month: 🤍 Sometimes we sit down in the studio and we’re just fresh out of ideas. That’s when we reach for MIDIQ to kickstart concepts for chord sequences, harmonies and bass lines. MIDIQ is an innovative MIDI sequence generator for both studio and live applications, featuring a unique and highly interactive user interface. Generating near-limitless chord sequence possibilities, MIDIQ uses a simple pattern language for the definition of repeating chords. The layout resembles a slot machine so the interface is very visual. In fact, you don’t need any knowledge of music theory to get some great results from MIDIQ. Features: - Innovative user interface featuring a pattern definition area for chords - Individual adjustments of MIDI velocity and muting of a generated chord - Powered by intelligent algorithms for chord sequence generation - Simplified piano roll display - Factory Presets - Drag to export Get FREE Vocal Samples, Melodies & Presets: 🤍 Get the hottest EDM sounds: 🤍 Join our Discord group for music producers: 🤍 Build Your Fanbase & Trade Reposts: 🤍 Don't forget to subscribe, like, comment & share :) Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Soundcloud: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍

Obelisk - MIDI Chord Builder VST plugin


This video demonstrates version 1.0. A free demo version is available at 🤍 Obelisk is a plugin that harmonises MIDI into chords. It also features an algorithm to constrain the notes to a set key and scale. For more info visit 🤍

How To Use Neural DSP Plugins With A Midi Controller


(Down here you can find some answers to your questions!) Hi! In this video I will teach you step by step how to use neural dsp plugins with the MP100 by Harley Benton or with the MeloAudio MIDI Commander (they are basically the same) and what is "essential" to have to play live with plugins. This video is for beginners that struggles trying to understand the midi language. I really hope that this video is simple enough to introduce guitarist/bassist to this world. CLASSIC QUESTIONS: Q:Why the power amp? Does it work without? A: You can send the output directly to the mixer, in my experience the sound was very low with band practice! Furthermore on stage could be helpful to hear your sound (in case you don't have in-ears or you don't have the monitor or the monitor is present but it has problems, maybe the sound engineer is sleeping?) Having a cab on stage really help. To conclude I think that the cone of the cabinet is the last part of your signal chain and it's (in my opinion) The most important part of the sound, and it's a bit more "realistic" so you will better sound in general. Even though neural dsp have really good cab sim and you can go without poweramp, Try what's the best for you! Q: My audio interface doesn't have MIDI, can I use USB to control the MP100? A: Yes! The only downside is that with USB it's easier to disconnect (if a foot pulls out the cable) Q: When I change the CC to PG it doesn't "save" my selection A: 🤍kantosina9962: i think what worked for me (currently trying this now but i felt i had to respond to this), it says in the user manual "There are some conflicts occurring in certain circumstance. Such as set 4 tones for a group, button from 1 to 4 will be unavailable for PC instruction mode. Set 5 tones for a group, button 1 to 3 will be unavailable for PC instruction mode. Imposed setting will not work. (Please follow the setup order that begins from #2 Bank Move to the end)" so just set "bank move to 10x" and the CC to PC command setting will stay if youre trying to use 1-4 Q: I would like to use the plugins with my DAW, how ? A: Listen to this dude: 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:42 What you need 1:04 Signal chain 1:48 How to set the MP100 with Neural DSP 5:43 Differences between CC and PC 6:52 Results with power stage 7:31 Last tips

MIDI out in Reason Rack Plugin


Learn more: 🤍 Reason 11.2 is here and Reason Rack Plugin has been updated with probably the two most requested features: MIDI Out and Drag MIDI notes to track. Control anything in your DAW with the devices in your Reason Rack. From simply creating nice harmonies with Scales & Chords to building a complex modular set-up with Players and CV—Reason Rack Plugin is the hub for new ideas. 0:00 - Intro 0:27 - MIDI out? 0:37 - Players as MIDI Effects 1:00 - MIDI out Ableton Setup 1:39 - Reason as the Master Controller in your DAW 3:00 - Reason for Modulation (Logic Pro) 4:07 - Customizing Player Notes 5:23 - Drag & Drop Patterns 6:00 - Outro

MIDI Guitar 2.2.1 - Best plugins 2022


JamOrigin’s MIDI Guitar 2 is the software solution for any guitarist who wants to use his/her OWN guitar as a MIDI controller. I've made it my personal goal to seek out what I would consider the best working plugins to go with MIDI Guitar 2, be it instruments, additional software, or FX. I've done so under the "MIDI Guitar Project" header for a few years now, and some of the instruments you see here have already been mentioned. But this doesn't make them ineligible for this year's iteration, however. A good plugin is a good plugin. 0:00 Introduction 0:40 The Playability criteria 1:05 Playability - No added latency 1:35 MG Soft Nylon 3:43 Piano Plugins 4:12 VI Labs Ravenscroft 275 5:08 Modartt Pianoteq 7 5:58 NI Maverick / Synthogy Ivory II 7:13 Synth Plugins 7:28 Noisy by Expressive E (Lie / Imagine) 8:00 UVI OB Legacy/ johanlooijenga Harmonizer 8:40 Reason Studios /EWI Reason Sounds, Rotator Vol 1 9:05 Reason, Friktion 9:27 Reason BV-X Vocoder 9:52 Waves Harmony 10:48 One Instrument per string, 4xFalcon + Trumpet + Soprano Sax 11:15 Why MIDI Guitar? 12:41 Divisimate 14:20 My Favorite Things, The Best plugins 14:31 The Trumpet v3 by Sample Modeling 15:30 Audio Modeling SWAM Instruments 15:52 Soprano Sax 16:07 Alto Sax 16:14 Tenor Sax 16:35 Baritone Sax 16:46 Trombone 17:02 Trumpet 17:19 Bassoon/Contrabassoon 17:36 Cello 17:52 Viola 18:03 Voilin 18:21 Tuba 18:35 Flute 18:46 Clarinet 18:59 Bass Clarinet 19:51 Two Windsynths, EVI-NER (Davidson Audio & Multimedia) 20:42 Two Windsynths, Respiro (Imoxplus) 21:56 Special forces - Designer instruments and FX 22:05 Inoui Samples, Stac & Slap Sax The Baritone 22:44 Output Portal 23:34 NI Spotlight Collection East Asia 24:05 Sounopuro Ancient Flutes Collection, Dr Xiao 24:45 Sounopuro Ancient Flutes Collection, New Dizi / SonicCotoure Guzheng 25:11 Sounopuro Ancient Flutes Collection, Dr Xiao, Super Dudu & Sonokinetic Oud 26:02 Erhu , Reason's Friktion 26:21 Erhu, AmpleSound 26:56 Upright Bass, AmpleSound 27:30 Nordisk Kontrabass, HAVE Audio 28:16 Pat Metheny GR-300 Emulation 28:28 Suonopuro Synth Collection/ WayneScottJoness Custom Patch 29:05 Synapse Audio Obsession/Gforce SEM 29:30 Outro Visit 🤍 for your own trial version of the software. And don't miss the knowledgeable contributors that make up the MIDI Guitar/Bass forum at 🤍 Breath controller: 🤍 I'll be happy to answer any of your questions in the comments below

How To Use The New MIDI Features In Amped Plugins


Check out Amped Flagship and the rest of our line of Amped plugins here: 🤍

What is the MIDI Out plugin [FL Studio]


Hi, in this video I talk about this obscure plugin in FL Studio called MIDI Out. Any time you want to communicate with external devices via MIDI this is the plugin you need. Join The Producer Show and ask questions about music production. In this show, I go live and answer all your question regarding music production, DAWs, business, YouTube and all topics related with becoming a better music producer. You can join for FREE and if you want to support the show consider giving donation with a super chat. The Super Chat questions will be given priority over all other questions. Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Subscribe to the newsletter to ask questions (these questions will have a higher priority than the chat) 🤍 🤍 #MIDIout #FLStudio

The Easiest OBS MIDI Plugin Tutorial


Control OBS with any MIDI controller! Use the OBS Midi Plugin to control OBS with any MIDI Controller just like a Stream Deck! This one's quick and easy and will really change the game if you've got a MIDI controller lying around. Let me know if you're using the OBS MIDI Plugin! It's really helped me during class. - OBS MIDI Plugin: 🤍 Lightning-Fast OBS Tips: 🤍 - Socials - ►Twitter - 🤍 ►TikTok - 🤍 ►Instagram 🤍 About this channel: 3D Coach is your community for digital creative hobbyists. Consider coming along for the ride by subscribing. See you next week! Music by BenSound

How To Quickly Add A Plugin Block To Audio or MIDI Path


#Shorts #GigPerformer4 #VSThost Gig Performer 4.5 will be available at the end of May 2022! Click Here To Download A 14 Day Free Trial Of Gig Performer: 🤍 IMPORTANT LINKS: Gig Performer 4.5 Feature Overview: 🤍 How To Record Audio Output: 🤍 Live Q and A About Gig Performer 4.5 Features (Replay): 🤍 Downloadable Rackspaces, Gigs, and Scriptlets: 🤍 Gig Performer Forum: 🤍 Gig Performer is an audio plugin host (AU, VST3, and VST host) for live performance and session musicians. CHECK US OUT ON: Facebook: 🤍 Join the community or submit feature requests here: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Download a free 14-day trial at 🤍

How to record MIDI FX plugin output in Logic Pro


2022 Drum Kit ➨ 🤍 Logic Pro Presets Bundle ➨ 🤍 Plugin Instruments I use + Komplete 14 - 🤍 FAW SubLab XL - 🤍 Chromatic - 🤍 (30% off with code: GETLANDRIAMM30OFF) - This code can be applied on all Landr Products (samples, mastering, plugins, distribution) FX Plugins I use + Wavy 🌊 - 🤍 Duckout (Sidechain Plugin) - 🤍 Wide (Stereo Enhancer) - 🤍 Sampld (LoFi) - 🤍 Drum Kits + Ye (Kanye West Drum Kit) ➨ 🤍 Gear + Keyboard (Komplete Kontrol M32) - 🤍 Keyboard (Komplete Kontrol S49) - 🤍 Maschine MK3 - 🤍 Headphones (Austrian Audio Hi-X55) - 🤍 Studio Monitors - 🤍 Checkout my Patreon for exclusive content ➨ 🤍

Chord Midi Generator Phil Speiser The Instrument VST | Phil Speiser


Chord Midi Generator Phil Speiser The Instrument VST | Phil Speiser #Chords #TheInstrument #PhilSpeiser Chord Midi Generator Phil Speiser The Instrument VST | Phil Speiser In this tutorial, I review the Phil Speiser chord & midi generator The Instrument plugin. I'll be showing you how to use it in FL Studio, but the procedure will be more or less the same regardless of which DAW you are using. The Instrument is a plugin that allows you to quickly generate unique sounding chords and melody loops in seconds. Will you be purchasing this plugin ??? 🤍 🤍 ALSO DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT MY LOOPKIT MONDAYS FREE "Nitro" Loop Kit/Sample Libary (Cubeatz, Wheezy, Pyrex Whippa, Southside Type Loops etc.) 🤍 • Contains 10 Loops originally composed my me 🤍 "Chambers" Loop Kit Download here: 🤍 "Infinity" Loop Kit Download here: 🤍 Electricty Loop Kit Download here: 🤍 Rabbit Hole Loop Kit Download here: 🤍 Witches Brew Loop Kit Download here: 🤍 Paper Planes Loop Kit Download here: 🤍 Dragon Loop Kit Download Here: 🤍 💥 Let's Hit 6000 Subscribers ! Subscribe Here: 🤍 📬 Contact Email: hollywoodfloss🤍 📸 Instagram: 🤍hwfloss 🤍 ✰✰ WANNA BE MY NEXT SHOUTOUT? ✰✰ - follow on my instagram - 🤍hwfloss - subscribe to my youtube - stay active on all my IG posts - send me a DM on IG with screenshot of subscribe or follow on IG - free sample pack, free cubeatz sample pack, free trap samples, sample pack, free trap loop kit 2020, free samples, free trap loops, free trap samples and loops, cubeatz, free pvlace sample pack, cubeatz samples, free trap sample packs 2020, samples, loops, free loop kit, free trap sample pack 2020, free sample packs, free trap loop pack 2020, free sample packs trap, trap sample pack, free trap sample pack, cubeatz sample pack, free loop pack, best free sample packs 2020, free sample packs 2020, cubeatz sample tutorial, loop, free cubeatz loop kit, loop kits free, free trap loop kit, sample, loop kit, pvlace sample tutorial, pvlace, free, free loop kit trap, trap loops, pack, pvlace sample pack, cubeatz loop kit, kit, free loops, cubeatz detune, cubeatz type samples, cubeatz type loops, free loop kit 2020, pvlace samples, frank dukes, how to make samples like cubeatz, free melody kit, free melody pack, cubeatz type melodys, southside samples, make samples like cubeatz, trap loop kit 2020, cubeatz tutorial, cubeatz sample kit, free sample pack 2020, wheezy type loops, pyrex type loops, melody pack, melody kit, free loop kit travis scott, melodys, retro samples, trap loop kit 2020 free, trap samples, travis scott, free sample kit, pyrexsample, freeloopkit

FL STUDIO | Controlling and Recording Hardware Synthesizers (MIDI Out Plugin)


See also - 🤍 Manual - 🤍 Image-Line Software Buy FL Studio & plugins online - 🤍 Browse our website - 🤍

Unison MIDI Wizard VST - 10 Reasons Not to BUY! [Plugins]


A top 10 video about plugins that are better than Unison Audio MIDI Wizard. This company is completely disgusting! Everything from their advertising to the way they use "influencers" to push products! There's several plugins, MIDI keyboards, apps, etc that do 10x better stuff (and priced lower!!). It's hard to justify the nasty price tag of $400+ when there's MIDI controllers that do the same and cost less! Unison Audio has copyright striked my channel in the past to silence criticism. When they should focus on creating a product that's worth the price point. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!!! Not aggressive promotions targeted at beginners with little to no knowledge about their DAW! There's more companies following suit. Which one is the most annoying to you? Please leave a comment below! 0:00 intro 1:26 terrible price point 1:51 Novation Launchkey MK3 2:35 FL Studio's built-in scaler helper and stamps 3:44 Scaler 2 4:25 Captain Plugins 5:12 Chord Composer 5:44 Chord Potion 6:03 Melody Sauce 6:28 Toontrack EZ Keys (basically where they got their idea) 8:02 Sugarbytes Obscurium 8:40 W.A. Productions MIDIQ 9:12 Xfer Cthulhu 9:43 MPC Beats 10:41 Ableton Live's built-in chords & scales! 11:20 iPad apps (Poly Playgroud, Poly Phase, etc) 12:00 rant! Novation Launchkey video 🤍 My FL Studio scale & progression video (and where unison stole their idea) 🤍 Scaler 2 video 🤍 Captain plugins 🤍 Chord Composer 🤍 Melody Sauce 🤍 Toontrack EZ Keys (where Unison Audio stole their MIDI Wizard idea from) 🤍 Sugarbyte Obscurium (it's an old video....relax!!! lol) 🤍 W.A. Production MIDIQ 🤍 Xfer Cthulhu 🤍 MPC Beats 🤍 Ableton Live's built-in chords (how to make your first beat) 🤍 iPad apps (generative music ideas) 🤍 social media links 🤍 [Contact me here for fastest response!] 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 #Unison #MIDIwizard #VST

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