Kirby Series Explained (in 6 minutes)

Chase Kip

Chase Kip

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local gumball defeats god more at 11 my twitter: 🤍 Music and backgrounds taken from multiple Kirby games.

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Kirby Series Explained (in 6 minutes)
Kirby Series Explained (in 6 minutes)
Kirby Series Explained (in 6 minutes)
Kirby Series Explained (in 6 minutes)
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2023-11-28 01:05:29

Kirby and the Fregatten land

2023-11-27 22:05:08

Kirby and the forgotten lands My favorite

2023-11-26 04:34:29

By the way, I think Kirby is holding back his true power is the entire time, and he only uses against powerful enemies. I think it was foreshadowing he defeated a god it could be possible if he used his true power any time again in the gods they were tremble in here, since Kobe has shown that he defeated gods

2023-11-25 03:23:29

Kirby 64

2023-11-25 03:22:40

Cowboy s when I see my Galore is a Demona Society in my whole entire life I never want to see his ugly face ever again with that ug and avoid I guess void is a type of liquid that that is just taking people and just like zesty people from everything that void had done to people I don't really want to smoke this one out I hate void

2023-11-17 05:00:39

🤓 Marx survived the Explosion from nova and also for giving Precious for his crimes.
Are you sure about that
Who is dark meta knight Forgiven for his crimes because he was in star allies no So it was really Magolor Was forgiven for his crimes because he made the amusement park for Kirby and his friends but unlike Marx He never apologized for his crimes

2023-11-15 03:14:19

fun fact: jimmy Carter invented the first kirby video game after staring at a donkeys nutsack for 6 days and nights

2023-11-12 09:55:03

Kirby is he

2023-11-10 17:20:18

you misspelled "Magalor" it's spelled Magolor

2023-11-02 02:26:26

kirby hyperfixation coming back.....

2023-10-29 22:13:38

I wish my vibes were so good that they can turn satan into a buddy.

2023-10-26 07:43:30

Boy Termina-

2023-10-24 18:03:16

Void termina came from twitter.

2023-10-20 13:14:15

Do Legend of the Dragoon!!!! again...plz

2023-10-19 03:15:20

he sounds like he would look like sheldon

2023-10-17 11:36:16


2023-10-16 00:20:09

Ain't no way bro forgot ma boi bandana dee

2023-10-11 05:56:22

Gotta say as a fan pretty accurate

2023-10-03 18:10:36

Kirby everyday oh it’s time to kill a god

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