Max Verstappen's Fantastic Fightback | 2022 Miami Grand Prix



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Max Verstappen got off to a tricky start in Miami, but he would later take the chequered flag and close the gap to championship leader Charles Leclerc. Here's how his weekend played out. For more F1® videos, visit 🤍🤍 Follow F1®: 🤍🤍 🤍🤍 🤍🤍 🤍🤍 🤍🤍🤍f1 #F1

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Max Verstappen's Fantastic Fightback | 2022 Miami Grand Prix
Max Verstappen's Fantastic Fightback | 2022 Miami Grand Prix
Max Verstappen's Fantastic Fightback | 2022 Miami Grand Prix
Max Verstappen's Fantastic Fightback | 2022 Miami Grand Prix
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2023-05-10 04:14:05

And he just did it again this past weekend

Julius Fučík
2023-01-20 20:13:16

I had forgotten this race completely. Could only remember the little yachts on the fake water 🤣

Arend Westerkamp
2022-11-28 17:36:21

This was the worst podium ceremony ever in formula 1

Aaron Shattuck
2022-09-12 08:29:35

Can't wait for him to beat most wins in a season record.

Marko Gelic
2022-08-30 13:47:57

Verstappen saves the car in FP3, fight with Leclerc. That's was nice, great

Maarten Toors
2022-08-27 00:13:49

De beste stuurlui staan aan wal.

2022-06-24 05:28:52

This honestly might be one of the best performances of his career.

2022-06-20 16:07:59

Still the best win of max in 2022

Midnight Blackbird
2022-06-17 23:25:02

My favorite driver, my favorite team.
This is beautifull. Love Max and Love Red Bull. 🧡🇳🇱🤘

Wouldn't you like to know
2022-05-25 16:29:35

Get goosebumps everytime hearing the crowd cheer Max on. Best driver on the grid by far.

2022-05-23 10:55:24

"We will keep hunting them down!" And just 2 weeks later Max has done just that and taken the lead of the championship! Unbelievable driver!

Marco Jasareno
2022-05-18 08:08:42

The Master!

Ian F1 Expert
2022-05-16 21:25:49

The greatest driver ever .... He fights for wins in nlike Lewis's easy career of just needing to turn up 😆😆👍

2022-05-16 18:16:40

Hunt them down mi champion ✊🏿finally getting the recognition you deserve

2022-05-16 15:23:59

whErE WaS THe fIGhtBacK

Peter Fowke
2022-05-16 15:01:32

I have enjoy looking back at Max Verstappen Fantastic fightback with Charles Leclerc going wheel to wheel before the taking the chequered flag in closing past of new Miami grand prix for fans of F1.

Tom Yeung
2022-05-16 14:51:55


Nico van Os
2022-05-16 14:02:48

This guy is too aggressive. He will never be champion.

8-B Dulane Saamaka
2022-05-16 11:20:29

1 year ago i was a Mercedes fan but now I am a Red bull fan 😊

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